Bought items not cross-server?

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Bamato, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Bamato

    Recently I bought $12 (1200 SC) Mosquito weapons and I thought it would be cross-server and cross-character available, which is not the case.

    Are you planning on making it cross-server and cross-character available? The current items already are overpriced and when I'm forced to buy them on every server and every character, this purchase was my last one.
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  2. Freyar

    They aren't for now. People are pushing for a change though. APBR had a similar stance, but a year after they moved to having two options for purchasing, per-character and per-account. Account wide increased the price by another 30%-50% though. They did go back and retroactively turn previous purchases into account-wide.
  3. WilsonMG

    Personally I think it's an absolute must that they make it so all purchases are account-wide by default at least for the faction you purchased the items on.

    It would also be a nice touch if they made it so that the respective items for all factions were unlocked when you made a purchase, however I'm probably just dreaming about that one. I definitely won't be spending any more on SC since I'm pretty much monetarily tied to just one character on one faction on one server.
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  4. McFly

    i honestly don't think they would ever do that, as each faction have their own versions of A2A and A2G Missiles/Rockets.

    But what they can do is to allow Nani-system weapons to be across all servers and factions. however, they would have a decrease potential revenue by doing this
  5. WilsonMG

    They are facing a decrease in potential revenue as it stands now because people are realizing that what they buy is only good for one character...

    For example if I knew that by purchasing the AMR-66 on TR I was also getting the Warden on NC and whatever gun on VS (not sure what VS equivalent is), I'd probably continue to purchase just about everything in the game minus the decals and such. With the current system though they've seen the last penny from me for SC.
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  6. Freyar

    I don't mind being faction limited.. The unlocks should be account wide though. $7 for rocket pods on a Scythe for one character? Ugh.
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  7. Eunoe

    What you purchase with station cash needs to be account wide, I can deal with Camo and appearance items being locked to one character. I can deal with weapons purchased with certifications being locked to one character.

    But weapons I purchased with real money being locked to one character?

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  8. dangee

    definetly - we need account wide unlocks (with sc); or give us our sc for every character. $7 for a weapon and then miller goes down again; ok - this can happen. But don't punish me when I have to play another soldier!
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  9. RottenGroinArea

    Make the unlocks playable for one faction regardless of server.

    It not like we have 50 characters, ya greedy a$$e$...
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  10. Aikichi

    I also agree, I've invested a fair amount for a F2P game (invested in alpha and an extra $35) because I support it and expect more content to come out. However it feels as if in the long run I fear servers will be minimized and become baron. There will come a time when we will need to change out of server in favor for a more populated or even a server you want to join a outfit that is specific to a server. So account-wide faction unlocks should be a given.
  11. Cypher

    Totally agree with this as at some point it will be alot less populated. I have alpha sqaud, 6 month sub and bought an extra 4000 SC, untill stuff is opened up to be account wide for purchases i aint spending any of my SC or buying any more
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  12. RaZz0R

    I always figured it was bound to the charture you bought the items for. As it is I have bought the same items on two servers. So its cost me a fair whack for a free game as well :p 20,000SC, Membership and Alpha Squad
  13. Bamato

    Good to see many people share the same view. Maybe the PS2-customer service can answer/clarify my question?
  14. Gazpacho

    Well, it's very simple. If purchased items become cross-server, then I'll probably carry on playing the game, buying store cash, and unlocking items. If they don't, there's no way in hell that I'll be spending any money with SOE.

    I'm sure I'm not the only player who feels this way. I created a character on Miller on launch day (because Woodman was completely broken) and unlocked a few items there. Then we faced huge login queues and horrible lag on Miller, we decided to move to one of the several new EU servers which were added after - only to find our purchases weren't available any more. Sucks.

    (Should add that I'd be happy enough if it was faction limited - just not per-server!)
  15. TSR-MattG Customer Service

    Thank you for the feedback posted here, we do appreciate it.

    We'd as however, that all future comments regarding the current implementation of this be posted on the General Gameplay section, as that section is regularly reviewed by our developers and executive teams for feedback, whereas this subforum is specifically for customer service resolvable account/billing issues.
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  16. WilsonMG

    Thanks for the response, MattG. Can we get a moderator to move this to the appropriate forum so that it gets the attention it deserves?
  17. SiosDashcR

    ^ - According that that post in a different thread - Most likely.
  18. Alexander Angelos

    The best solution i think would be if you could go on any shard with your character.
    Since the limit is 3 characters per account it's pretty resonable for them to voyage freely between shards...
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  19. Aqqua

    I feel kinda ripped off, started playing Vanu on Miller or something day1, bought some stuff after 1 day server was full and now there are queues all the time, started playing Vanu on another server with lower population and now all my stuff I bought from the shop (mostly cosmetical stuff) isnt there.... So either I play on server with 20 min queues or dont have the stuff I bought.... NICE
  20. Alexander Angelos

    I think they are delaying any type of solution to this with a thought "till now those pesky pesants that are unaware of this will bring us more money to fill out pockets, quick do it before they realise that"

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