Bought items not cross-server?

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Bamato, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. SuperSeaDragon

    Unless the items purchased are made account wide I will not spend another penny on any of them. The prices are CRAZY high as is for the station points. With over 100 unlocks they are making a very nice amount of money off that alone. You are NOT going to get hardly anyone to pay twice for the same items on different servers, and you certainly are going to lose business because of this. You all need to rethink your strategy as pertains to this quite quickly or your nice new product will die out faster.
  2. Evilhardt

  3. Hollowsong

    So I just started playing yesterday. Spend 20 bucks on SC. Made a character for a faction and bought 2 guns.

    Today I realize some friends are on the same server but opposite faction.

    I'd really like to play the other faction and still have my SC so I can unlock those guns instead. My old char will be deleted (since you cant have 2 chars of different factions on same server) so I don't see how this will be a problem.
  4. Gypsycream

    There's a chance they will refund any SC you misspent. Send in a ticket to customer service and explain your situation to them.
  5. AekaGSR

    I spent $50 dollars and I've now come to realize that people that I want to play with are on a different faction. It would be nice if we could "defect" and get a SC refund to re equip for a faction change. Now since the spent SC is locked to this character I'm SOL. I'll no longer be buying any SC until this is resolved. LOST REVENUE, pretty simple.
  6. Kediec

    Put in a support ticket to and explain the situation .Get a list of the transaction ID's ( if you know which ones they were , item names in the purchase history is something that's been requested ) and include those in your ticket along with total SC spent .
    I have found they are being pretty lenient atm on their refund policy with the game being new and the server problems that have been occuring . Absolutely no harm in asking at all .
    Just give them a day or 2 to get back to you on it .
  7. Evilhardt

    Refunding does not help the problem that there are people, that are so to speak forced to play on more than one server with a char of the same faction. This is still ****** up, even if they act generously with the refunding... if this **** was not, they would not need to refund stuff.
  8. irishroy

    /sign +2
  9. Evilhardt

    Actually I wonder why most people seem to not give a d a m n about this...
  10. Zhul

    I also have to agree that the unlocks should be available for all characters regardless of server. I'm fine with faction-specific items only being unlocked for that faction, since coding cross-faction equivalents to unlock properly would probably be a huge pain for the devs. No need to risk more bugs that could break the game.
  11. Xil

    Maybe not Cross server / Cross Empires, but if I go and buy the NC Lock on G2A launcher, I'd like to know that I bought rights to that WEAPON, not access to the weapon for a single character.

    Generally speaking, if you buy a weapon unlock, if you go make another character of the same faction, you should still have it.
  12. GodMachine

    I couldn't agree more. It's often that people, myself included, have friends on other servers and this would make it much easier to jump in and play with them.
  13. 0ReferenceException

    I agree with most people in this thread that all unlocks should at the very least be faction-wide (so the stuff is unlocked on all characters of the same faction across all servers). Either that or make the items cost 10 times less then they currently do (70 SC instead of 700 SC).

    700 SC for a gun per character is insanely overpriced. They are called "micro" transactions after all...This costs half a monthly sub of any other MMO... nothing "micro" about it if you ask me.

    I think this has to be addressed ASAP for all weapons (infantry and vehicle) since they have an impact on balance.

    The cosmetic items that don't impact game play can be as obscenely overpriced as SOE likes - I couldn't care less about those. But stuff that has the potential to give people an advantage (weapons, not all are side-grades) should not be this prohibitively expensive.

    I also think that SOE is losing money with these crazy prices... People just go check the shop and say "OMGLOL, 700 SC per gun and character, kthxbye" and that's that. However, if the guns were fairly priced (say max 1$ per item and max 5$ for account-wide unlocks) then more people might actually decide to drop some cash on this game.

    Greed is good but more greed is not necessarily better, dear SOE.
  14. lyravega

    I asked this before... I mean asked whether or not unlocks are character bound.

    They need to change how characters are handled to be honest. Selecting a server then a character is not a good idea for this game. Creating a character, then selecting a server is needed. By doing that, you'll be getting rid of requests like "character server transfer" and "unlocks should not be character-specific". Simply select another server to play on with the chosen character...
  15. Kurreah

    Its not an issue for most people. The items are not falsely advertised as unlocked for all characters/servers, and while it might be nice if they were from our point of view, we can't demand changes to that any more than we can demand lower prices.
    We evaluate whether we want to spend the money based on what we are buying, and if we don't think its worth it, we don't buy it.
    Plus the support staff seem to be quite good about helping to fix the assorted mistakes buyers made.
    There is a character transfer service in the works, but its not going to be unrestricted like your idea. Given how damaging free server transfers are to MMOs in general, its likely to have a cost and/or cooldown.
  16. Atrayo

    Hi There, (Yes, please Matt-G if you can move this thread to the proper message board)

    I agree a thread on this topic warrants further exploration by SOE. On one hand I can see why SOE has the current policy in place having paying customers buying duplicate preferred items. To support their game play habits / styles, its easy money. If a customer pays for one item on X server they'll pay for the same item on Y server. SOE, would also have to consider if they allow this policy of making micro-transaction go account wide, versus character wide. Customers / Gamers will demand this of their other MMO game titles with micro-transactions.

    The objection however it doesn't create much value for the paying customer already buying Station Cash. Maybe a resentment builds up or not by feeling nickel and dimed for something already purchased on another server. SOE, already has the customers money on a non-refundable Station Cash policy. So what the consumers spends it on is at the whim of that consumer. Still at least from the customer perspective with this discretionary cash in this global economy. They want to stretch their entertainment dollars in such a place that welcomes it without a clam shell game or sorts.
  17. Valeriu

    SC bought unlocks NEED to be account wide, or we need FREE server transfers implemented asap (possibly with a reasonable CD such as once a week per character).

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