Bought SC from steam vallet and havent received SC yet on account.

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Luewen, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Luewen

    Like topic says, i bought SC with steam vallet few hours ago and still havent received them ingame. Purchase shows in my SOE account page but SC is not credited.
  2. TSR-MattG Customer Service

    Have you logged completely out of, then back in to the game since purchasing the SC? If not, give that a shot, and if it's still not there please contact support.
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  3. Luewen

    ookay. Will try that.
  4. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Luewen, let us know if you have anymore issues!
  5. Shamikami

    i have the issue also. but is it shown in the payment history and i dont became the sc pionts-.-
  6. TerroDragon23

    *get will never be able to become SC points, you can only get them :)
  7. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Have you tried logging out and logging back in? If they are still missing, please submit a support ticket so we can figure out what's going on. :)
  8. Luewen

    I am still waiting for response from support after i made my ticked about the issue 24 hours ago.
  9. Pantokrator

    Same issue. I bought 1000 SC through Steam, logged out, shut down the game, re-started and logged back in. Still no SC. I've seen a few people complain about this in-chat, too.
  10. Kediec

  11. Pantokrator

    I created a support ticket in game. Should I open another one at the above link?
  12. Gary

    Create a support ticket explaining the situation and include the following to speed up the process

    Steam Account name:
    Planetside 2 Account name:
    Character name:
    Copy of the receipt/email from Steam:
    Date of Purchase:
    Time of Purchase:

    I think that should just about be everything they need saving the case of them replying when your not there and you having to send another one and get in the queue again :)
  13. Kediec

    No , if you have already placed a ticket from the ingame access , it goes to the same place . The link i gave above is the webside access to it . The ingame just opends a browser in game to the same place , so your good as far as that goes :)
  14. Cason

    I'm having the same problem. Bought SC through steam and have yet to receive it. SOE account page shows the transaction so I'm pretty worried.
  15. Kediec

    I would put in a support ticket as already said in this thread , to the Account and Billing section if you haven't already done so .
    Even if it is just because of a delay in processing with buying through Steam , if you put in a ticket , they become more aware that there is a problem with that method , so they can look further into it .
  16. Luewen

    Have you got your issue sorted yet?
    Mine was escalated to tier 2 billing.

    Until further notice i would keep from purchasing SC from steam side as it seem its not registering correctly at SOE account.
  17. Pantokrator

    Haven't heard back from anyone yet. If it goes on into next week I might as well just put the money toward a new Steam game instead.
  18. Kediec

    If it has hit the 24hr mark , send a pm to one of the TSRs on here ( conversation option ) with your ticket number and ask for them to look into it, the team do chase them up on request , but please give them ( TSRs ) chance to respond to you if you do send a pm as i know they often have over a load of convos on the go at once .
    They do generally try to aim to at least give an initial response within 24hrs ( not just the automated response ) , even if they can't actually fix it within that time frame .
  19. Luewen

    My issue was resolved by very helpful support person. :) Thank you very much for friendly support personnel SOE.
    On the other hand he said that there were a system error when i bought the SC from steam.
  20. Luewen

    Also make sure to add screenshot from your soe account purchases page and from the email you get from steam for the wallet purchase. Did speed up the thing greatly.

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