[BUG] My character's back is broken.

Discussion in 'Gameplay Bugs' started by GladRags, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Logged in today to find my character's back twisted in an unusual way on the landing screen.
    This seems to be related to the new patch.


    This bug is persistent even when switching characters.


    This spinal glitch only effects female characters.

    Part of what first appealed to me about PS2 is that it actually gives me the CHOICE to fight as a woman, something that set it apart from an FPS genre that is inundated with male characters. This feels like that choice is being taken away. She is a soldier. Why isn't she standing with her weight evenly distributed like before? She's carrying a 10-pound gun and body armor, isn't she? Why can't I just select which stance I want, considering character customization and development is an established feature?
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  2. I feel this is like how mods made women in skyrim walk well not like a warrior would. I think this is SOE trying to appeal to the 10 year olds. I do agree that the females should be the old model just because it was more realistic and frankly the model change is more of a W T F thing.

    Though it be funny if you gave both genders that stance if selected....
  3. I agree with you on the Skyrim mods, for sure. I've seen too many on Nexus that promise "better" and "improved" women, which turn all of them into doll-like objects of desire. This is thankfully further removed from that, but it is a conscious choice on the part of SOE to make women more appealing to a certain audience instead of more appealing to play.

    As for having it as an option for both genders, Star Trek Online has "stance" as a character creation option, with a couple different ones to choose from. I can dream can't I?
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  4. I just had to...
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  5. Females in the future are all born with scoliosis and cope with it through nanite pain therapy.
  6. So much this. Haven't been online for a few days, log in to see my character standing in this bum-clenchingly lame pose.

    I really, REALLY respected PS2 for originally presenting female characters in a way that wasn't completely sexualised. Now it is changing to the awkward and outdated way women are presented in most other MMOs.

    I wasn't a huge fan of the other character posture changes that happend post-launch, but can easily live with them. I don't even mind if there are never any more character customisation options introduced. But please, please change this awful, awkward posture back to something like the awesome cyber-soldier pose we had before.
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  7. This new pose must obviously be a mistake or some kind of lame joke. Revert.
  8. Had some funny glitch sometime when a female character killed me with a pistol her arm holding the bottom of her pistol was comming out of her breasts instead of her shoulderbone XD
  9. OK, seriously, what the hell? Why go from a decent female model (one of the very few in the industry) to this Barbie abomination?
  10. This needs to get more attention.

    Because this may be just the start. We've been promised empire-specific run animations and I worry that we'll have female characters hip-swaying as they run and only throwing under-arm.

    Thankfully in-game animations are gender-agnostic. They need to stay this way and these absurd poses need to go.

    These are women carrying heavy equipment and fighting in tough battles. They are not fashion models.
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  11. I said this in another thread about the NC females

    heavy and infiltrator kind of look ok the rest just looked unnaturally odd.
  12. See I also play Tera so this is nothing

    I think its part of the update that shows different factions running differently. Btw IRL hip ratio and body weight distribution will affect stance, maybe not to that degree but there is a difference
  13. Probably from deviantart long time ago

    Wouldn't you have an advantage on the battlefield?

    distractions are key to victory
    enemies: :oops: :oops: :oops:

    The models before now were already distractions to victory and the key to demise, brought up before

    This aside, I'm just making a joke because it's humorous: the concept of entire armies being defeated by the :oops: . You could say it's to put more weight on one side when you have the butt of the gun on your right side, so as to better balance yourself out when holding a heavy weapon, so is less stress on one side of your body, looking at OP's pics, but the deviantart ones show is still in such pose without a weapon, so I agree is unnecessary, and people are dissatisfied with their female character model being in such a pose, like a meat bag for show, rather a competent threat out on the battlefield as they are.

    If it is for 'a better view', then is still not necessary as many can attest the previous models did the job already, so it truly seems like the models are being portrayed in a meat bag for show, fashion, while some might say "it's so you know what gender the character is" but even then is unnecessary as they should be seen with the same threat as anyone else on the battlefield. It shouldn't be like "oh no, advancing enemi... oh wait character model shows they're girls, we got this :rolleyes: "

    +1 change the model back to regular stance, or give players the option to choose. Freedom of choice is always the best option.

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