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  1. I drove with a group of at least a dozen Prowlers, and I was the only one with a Vulcan.

    Guess who got the lion's share of aces today?

    1 Sundy Ace
    3 Magrider Aces
    2 Lightning Aces
    2 Lightning Scratches
    1 Scythe Scratch

    If you don't have a Vulcan, you should probably get one.
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  2. Yeah I made the mistake of flying too close to a Vulcan before. Killed me in about half a clip. That close range damage is insane.
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  3. They can literally kill you in less than a second. I love them!
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  4. My personal favorite is the 2/2 Magrider @ 1 minute in who refuses to acknowledge the threat.
  5. I've always liked your vids, nice driving and gunning. I kind of wish I could do something similar in my Vanguard.

    MattiAceGaming on youtube has a couple of vids where he's gunning for my Vanguard(Halberd) but it isn't nearly as fast paced and exciting as your videos.

    One example. I don't even get many kills in that one, I guess I have to get him gun for me more. One of the most capable gunners I know.
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  6. It's only logical.
  7. I don't have one because they came out after my last buying binge, and I don't want to spend another more-than $7 to top up my SC to the level I can afford one.
  8. on my vs character , esf dedicated , i stay away from prowlers now
    dodging rounds is easy , that vulcan is an instant killer though.

    i will for sure be purchasing it on my tr
  9. here's a view from my reaver alt. Old view: oh look a prowler, free kills!

    New view: I went back to my TR main and bought it straight away
  10. Only idiot ESF/Lib pilots get killed by the Vulcan on the prowler, You should never be Low enough, Close enough or stationary enough to be dealt with.
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  11. Vulcan kills or seriously wounds ESFs that are lining up for an attack run on the prowler or any vehicle next to it. It does nothing against ESFs that ignore the prowler completely
  12. What is the G30 Walker?

  13. Most people just get discouraged from using the tank because quite frankly every aspect other than the vulcan sucks. I'm not tempted to drop 1k certs on a one trick pony that the vanu will probably get nerfed next patch so their magriders stay near invincible.
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  14. oh look another post about the magrider being OP /\
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  15. You're an idiot, you know the Prowler is not only the fastest tank but its main weapon has the highest DPS out of all the MBT's and the quickest time to kill by a large margin also? Stop trying to have a deployed sniping war againced a Magrider with combat chassis and a Saron HRB and actually play to the strengths of your tank.
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  16. lol yeah

    Use that massive extra 10 kph on a tank that struggles to climb the slightest of gradients to close ground while the Saron snipes you dead before you're halfway there. Stop judging things based on spreadsheets. The "strengths" of the Prowler are complete liabilities with the current game mechanics. A tank that tries to fight at close range against any sort of resistance gets blown the **** up in short order.
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  17. Scythes are significantly harder to kill than Reavers simply because, in general, the only time you'll do more than send an ESF scurrying for the hills is if they're lining up a strafing run, and the COF of the Vulcan makes it impossible to hit an edge-on Scythe with all of the bullets at anything beyond 10m. Meanwhile the Reaver is the same brick it's always been.

    Also, I only have 1 gunner who can kill air in the Vulcan as effectively as I can. Pretty much everyone else seems to be able to miss a galaxy.
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  18. The speed is a marginal distance considering the amount of ground that needs to be covered. DPS is theoretical and requires every single shot to land on its target, Which is moving and judging by the fact you need to get close you are moving full speed over uneven terrain without any gyro stabalization on the turret, Which also has recoil between its shots. Now if you manage to get both to hit you have to do so without hesitation between the shots or you lose the "DPS" advanatge.

    All of this has to be done whilst avoiding incoming fire from the more accurate and stable platforms which only require 1 shot for full potential damage oh and dont forget about how hard that Magriders secondary Saron HRB is to use......

    The prowler is out gunned in almost eveyr situation and its ability to deploy goes against the whole concept of closing the gap. Every situation i have used it in has gotten me killed. I have the max rank and am a BR 63 I have used it in almost every situation imaginable... Including on the back of a galaxy.
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  19. somewhere a villiage is missing it's idiot, time for you to go home

    as per the topic, Yup the Vulcan is now a standard issue secondary for the Prowler, turns it from a Parade float back into a tank worth having.
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  20. And this is why I never engage a prowler at close range, even when I get to approach it from behind. The vulcan is really a fearsome weapon. :D
    Nice vid!

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