Buy a weapon... nothing received

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Izidir, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Izidir

    I just buy the new decimator rocket launcher, the SC have been taken away but my rocket launcher doesnt show...

    I've wait half an hour and log in and out 3 times already, i've already buy weapons before and it has taken just the times to log out and in to receive them, what up yet ??? when will i get my weapon ???
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  2. theta0123

    Same here. 2100 SC spended (Tomcat, G30 Walker and weapon bundle)

    nothing after 45 minute
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  3. Atheos1337

    Same here 4000 SC spended.
    And still nothing to see.
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  4. Juni

    1900 spend here... Nothing yet.
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  5. Zinn

    Spent my last 700 on the new Jaguar for TR a couple of hours ago and it hasn't shown up.
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  6. tadoum

    bought the grounder and the decimator and nothing after two relog 1400sc :(
  7. TablettenFuxXx

    bought for 250SC TWO Times. nothing in inventory
  8. Izidir

    Still nothing received.... It begin to be very annoying...
  9. Blagg3r

    Same. daily sale item 250 sc spent. Did not recieve my weapon even after several relogs. Submitted a ticket... Just glad its not just happened to me,i should have known better to buy sometihng after a patch!
  10. Ophicuhus

    Same here. Bought a couple of weapons and received nothing when logging out and in again (a feature that should be fixed while you are at it).
  11. Garakan

    same here
  12. Neleximo

    Same here.. spent 1800 SC.. and no weapons coming my way yet either..
  13. Acceleratio

    Same here daily sale aswell... -.-
  14. kounki

    Same here, 3 items bought and nothing in my inventory... Very anoying
  15. RaZz!a

    same here, is spend 2700 SC. :(
  16. Pejiguera

    I'm the same. for hours to buy the starter pack of vehicles, they discounted the 2000SC me,
    but they did not unlock weapons

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