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  1. Suggestion: Implement a camo trade system so players can trade their old camos for new camos, or new camos for a different camo, etc.
    (NOTE: This is not a player-to-player trade, this would be a trade back to the depot)


    Purpose: This will allow players to use the new camos that are released at the expense of losing their old camos. Players will not have to spend SC on new camos but SOE will not lose money since they already paid for a camo (win-win).

    Reasoning: With a game that is constantly evolving players expect new items to become available for purchase. When the game was launched, players were able to choose from a limited number of camo patterns for their vehicles/armor/weapons. As the game evolves more camos are released which may be more desirable for a number of reasons:
    • The original camo purchased may be obsolete compared to the new camo (eg. better version)
    • The original camo looks different now due to graphics optimization then it did at time of purchase and is therefore no longer desired.
    • The new camo provides similar coloring but in a better technology (digital pattern, more detailed artistry, etc)
    To acquire these new camos the current system requires a bran new purchase. Although some players may do this many players are discouraged since they believe another camo will come out after that which is even better or they feel like they should just use the pattern they have already. They decide not to purchase, SOE loses money in the long term and the player loses enjoyment that he would have gained from a new camo pattern.

    A trade system would solve this problem. With this system a player can take a camo they currently own and trade it in for a different camo of the same value. (Single use for single use if not already used, armor for armor, weapon for weapon, etc). The player would get the new camo but would lose the old camo. This could be placed on a cooldown if necessary but would alleviate issues many players have every time new camos are released.

    What's in it for the players: The ability to acquire the new camoflauge patterns that they would have purchased originally if they were available by sacrificing a camo they already own without having to make a new purchase.

    What's in it for SOE: More money in the long term. With players no longer being afraid to make a camo purchase due to knowing that more desirable camos will be released in the future, they will make the purchase now instead of waiting or not buying at all. Also less pressure and overall flak from the community.

    Conclusion: This is a simple solution to a "annoyance" issue that is a win-win for players and SOE.

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  2. Not going to happen, simply because SOE wants you to buy the new camo on top of your old one. :/ Otherwise you only would have to buy 1 Camo and then be done.
  3. A trade in system would be great. But OP's idea will not make SOE any money. Instead I think a part exchange would work better.

    e.g. get 50% off a new when you trade in an existing camo.

    There may be items you no longer want and a part exchange would be a great way for you to trade in items in exchange for a new item. SOE still make money. This I think will encourage existing customers to buy new camo with a reduction and SOE make more money.

    With OP's proposed ideas users could just buy one camo keep trading when they please. So SOE woul never make money on camos.

    This idea could be applied to any item. I know I have purchased weapons and a few weeks later seen a new weapon that I would prefer.
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  4. So how exactly is SOE going to make money from this? If you can trade in or up all you need to do is buy one camo pattern.

    Their goal is to coax those hard earned dollars out of your wallet and into theirs. I never see this happening.
  5. Camos should have a cert option for the cheap 50 station cash versions this would solve the issue of outdated camos and still make players pay full price for the infinity versions so there is a choice. 250 certs or 50 SC for temporary camo patterns sounds fare to me. or there can be a custom added premium account access that you pay an additional $5 a month to use any infinite pattern thus greatly increasing SOE premium membership. Could even make it a separate premium addition that can be purchased separably from the standard premium access. adding the 250 cert option to temporary camo patterns isnt game breaking if you consider how much it would cost to fully outfit your entire lineup ... just for 1 infantry class collecting 1 camo pattern for 1 primary combat area would require weapon camo, helmet camo and body camo which total 750 certs of 150 SC thus allowing a fare option for both F2P and P2P players.

    They also need to add camo patterns to helmets and deployable objects such as the AV turret for engineer or the ammo pack. heck i would love to buy camo for my engineer's repair tool. they should add new armor options like a Gilli Suit too that essentualy allows snipers the ability to blend in a little better. I like to snipe with my heavy assault with the NC6 Saw or my engineer with the Gauss Compact S carbine. Having a gilli suit would be sweet or at least some camo for my AV turret.
  6. I think that this would be implemented with an anti-abuse system, such as time between trade ins.
  7. Ya I considered this as well. This is a good thought. If they don't go for the trade in system (even with anti-abuse systems) then maybe they will go for your thought.
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  8. Any kind of trade-in, including part exchange would be good, considering that SOE didn't include a preview tool for cosmetics. However, we all know that realistically it's not going to happen.

    What they should do is introduce it as a one-time courtesy for players who actually bought camos right before they introduce a camo preview tool. Say, every such player gets a 7-day window to trade all existing camos for the new ones a week before patch that introduces a preview tool to the game. This way they aren't going to lose money and it's fair to the players.
  9. [H] Zebra camo [W] Giraffe camo or good offers

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