Can I keep my purchases if I create a new Char?

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by HerbertKnivez, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. HerbertKnivez

    So, today I bought some SC and a few items with it, I am with VS on Briggs, (HerbertKnivez) But I was looking to start playing as NC. The general feel of NC is much better then VS, so I was wondering if I will be able to refund my SC from the purchases I made and transfer the SC to an NC account. Which will be HerbertKnivez if I can get this to happen.
  2. JWizzle

  3. HerbertKnivez

  4. Talizzar

    Just hold on though as they are working on giving your unlocks to all toons on the same account. So don't delete the toon, just create a new one. You get three.
  5. Burningmarlfox

    Welcome to Briggs im a Terran let me introduce u to the barrel of my shotty :)
  6. ColonelShade

    Where did they state that ?
  7. Dovahkiin

    No, but there will be a system implemented soon that will allow you to have the same items on each character.
  8. Talizzar

    A number of places. Account wide unlocks. They have not said when, but they said they are working on it.
  9. ColonelShade

    **** me.. would be awesome. got everything except most of teh camo's and decals :D
  10. Raidashi

    They've said alot of things that would be awesome.

    I'm still waiting to see any of it.
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  11. HerbertKnivez

    They are on holidays, same as everyone else. Give them time, the main reason the people complain about the updates being rushed, is because people rush them.
  12. Raidashi

    No argument, i'd rather have something that works than more trash, but the fact they went on vacation and arnt even bothering to do damage or rumor control during not only the busiest, but most important time of the year they really needed to be focusing on player feedback. Things have fallen apart hard in the last few weeks. They introduced a big update which added more problems than it fixed, and some useless weapons (MORE sniper rifles? really?) Then left.

    Sorry but it bares mentioning that they had extremely poor timing and its starting to feel like theyre just trying to pacify us with words and hope...

  13. HerbertKnivez

    I agree that some of the weapons are just stupid, I mean look at the heavy weapons for each class, the TR has the T7-Minigun, the VS lasher can not even come close to the minigun, yet cost 250 certs more? I paid $7 for the lasher thinking it would be good, but it sucked so bad I can not bear to use it. The timing was a lot off, but think how many people would have been annoyed if they had of waited until after christmas to release it. The BETA players would then be so much more OP then they already are, it would be impossible for any new players to actually play the game.
  14. Raidashi

    True that. They could have at least communicated and interacted with the community. Despite the fact that they should anyway, rather then giving us the silent treatment. Its making people spaz out, with random conjectures and making people (myself included) think they dont care. Loads of speculative info such as their timing on leave, the "bait and switch" they pulled with the LA80 and missile launchers, doesnt help them, and then only to turn around and say/do nothing. Pretty meh way to run things.

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