Can someone test the Dalton and Zephyr damage to tanks?

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  1. It's come to my attention that the Dalton and Zephyr do both their splash and direct damage to tanks when you land a direct hit.

    This should have been apparent to me long ago, because we've all realized that the Zephyr and Dalton are special little snowflakes that have their splash damage damaging vehicles, while no other splash in the game does this.

    And I know that other weapons that deal splash damage deal both direct and indirect damage to the target hit.

    The Zephyr for example only does 500 direct damage, but it 2-shots ESFs, because the splash is added to that.

    I'm figuring, though, that the splash damage to the MBTs/Lightning/Sunderer/Liberator is probably reduced by 50% or 25%. Can someone test this please? I don't have the Zephyr or Dalton.

    The Dalton is 1750+1000 damage, the Zephyr is 500+750. That 1000 and 750 might be reduced some to vehicles.
  2. I have access to them but I'm about to go to sleep... guess I'll see if anyone's done it yet tomorrow. I do seem to recall a direct dalton hit taking like 50% off my prowler once or twice though, but the splash damage is bad on that gun, like a homing rocket to the front armour or so.
  3. Dalton Splash:


    Dalton Direct (top):


    Zephyr Zepher Splash (single round):


    Zepher Direct (top, single round):


    As you can see from the gigantic SPLAT mark the splash was basically as close as we could shoot without hitting it.
  4. Probably about 250 damage on the Dalton. That's what I was guessing.

    I noticed against Libs, Dalton does the exact same damage of the AP cannon, which mean it'd need +250 damage, or 1/4th the slpash.

    The Zephyr one is really hard to tell. Would have helped to know the shots to kill, and what it was at right before burning. I'm going to guess that it's 75% reduction too though.

    Wow... The Zephyr is even more OP than I thought. That adds another nearly 40% damage to each shot.

    Is the Splash damage increased by rear armor?
    I had a Zephyr kill my Prowler in like 7 or 8 shots when I had my back right up against a wall and it was in front of me.

    Is it true that the Zephyr does about 3/4th damage to ESFs? That would mean they do full splash damage to them. I'm pretty sure Libs, MBT are both 75% reduction. Probably the same for Lightning and Sunderer. There could be exceptions.
  5. Not sure about rear armour, but afaik it would still need to be behind you because armour doesn't actually care where it's hit, just where the enemy is relative to you when it hits (mines, etc. excepted). Not really sure why zephers (or even daltons tbh, since it's so terrible anyway) do splash damage to armour. I've had my ESF hit by a friendly lib's zepher when landed once, precisely one shot, and it was very close to dead, so they probably are taking most or all of the splash damage (unless their flak resistance/armour helps with all explosives).
  6. I updated

    Here was an old post on the subject:
    • Zephyr: 16 hits, 15.5s, 14.3s with +5 reload
    • Dalton: 5 hits, 10s, 9s with +5 reload
    • Shredder: 72 hits, 7.325s, 7.025s with +5 reload
    Factoring in the fix:
    Ithink most of us thought the Zephyr was OP even with a 50% longer TTK increase over the Dalton, thinking that something so strong against Infantry shouldn't even be 2/3rds as strong against Vehicles.


    I know, but the splash might play by different rules.
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  7. I'm guessing so.

    Anti-Vehicle Grenaes rely entirely on splash damage to vehicles and they have to blow up behind the tank and splash the rear to do rear hits (from what i've seen).
  8. Grenades are like mines in that they have their own 'self' in game I think (and for instance don't rely on people having rendered). Though it's hard to test that extensively because... well, under test conditions I can't throw a grenade to render distance.

    I'll see if it's noticeable with the zepher, but I doubt it, as it seems to be just another projectile.
  9. Tested it again: splash damage was greater from the rear, but the plane must be located in the expected area for it to increase the damage. A shot that is fired from overhead and lands to the rear will not hit rear armour.
  10. Alright. So normal behavior there.

    I guess I thought I was taking rear hits, but it's just because the Zephyr is overpowered against vehicles.
  11. Could have been latency, if it seemed to do a lot of damage at once.
  12. Na it just seemed like I died in 6 or 7 zephyr shots. Maybe something else hit me too.

    I figured the Zephyr doing so much damage was rear armor hits, but it's that it does 687.5 not 500 damage per hit. Big difference.

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