Ceres! Are you ready for Hossin?

Discussion in 'Ceres (EU)' started by Ganelon, Aug 4, 2013.

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  1. We hope to see you guys on PTR :)
  2. Sup Ceres, here's the direct link for the Reddit thread that holds what you need to know about the event.


    Now I ain't one of the event organisers but I'm pretty sure you guys will be welcome to join on the mumble server if you so wish, and you'll definitely be welcome in the COBT outfit. Or if you don't quite fancy going under the COBT name, I'm sure CERS or whatever will do, what's important is that you join VS and work together with us to beat those ugly Millerites and debatably less ugly Woodmen.

    I'll see if the other COBT fellas are interested in another test run to rally our numbers and check out Hossin fully, if needs be I'll try and organise that myself, and we'll want you guys there with us. It'll be even more important on your part to attend any such trial run as I assume most of you guys haven't seen Hossin in person yet, and definitely won't know it's Lattice layout.

    Anyways, hope you guys can attend, we'll keep you updated. Please forward this to any Ceres outfit leaders whenever possible too, assuming they don't see it first, thank you.
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  3. Oh and I'll try and be on the PTS as often as possible to invite you guys, but obviously there probably won't be constant members online throughout the week, so unless you organise a time to get guys on together recruitment could be slow. On the plus side though every member can invite so whoever you see with a [COBT] tag on PTS, don't be afraid to shoot them a /tell and request an invite.
  4. In spite(or because) of all the big noise we millerites made recently, we actually want the other sides in the event to be able to show what they can do.

    We may make a lot of noise, but it's partially to make the other servers come and challenge our egos on the PTS. ;) Me may need some good old fashioned ***-kicking, and we're hoping cers(and cobalt and woodman) will be able to get enough people to make it more than just a nice thought.

    Come join us. It's mainly an event to foster some friendly* community among the EU servers players, after all.

    *May not apply between miller and woodman :eek:
  5. I'll be honest, this sounds like a stunning idea. I'll see if I can contact some of the NC guys from Ceres.
  6. As cougar says you are more than welcome to join us in our fight against Miller and Woodman. If you want to organise a trial run with us getting everyone on and semi organised accustomed to what's going to be going on then we can certainly do that.

    For too long Miller and Woodman have cavorted in their hubris, believing themselves our betters. For too long we have been belittled and ignored! Join with us Ceres brethren! Help us defeat these overconfident denizens, for both our sakes.
    **May not actually be true, I thought a little rally cry couldn't hurt.
  7. *Glances about in a slightly shifty manner*
    Funny thing, playing my alt on Miller feels a little bit like easymode.

    Keep that to yerself though...

    *disappears back into the shadows*
  8. haha well i was just making up some BS for drama's sake.
  9. That's the spirit! :D
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  11. <insert your own signature here>
  12. <insert picture of burning flag here>

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  13. The fact that the Cobalt and Ceres need to team up, is a statement on how much Cobalt and Ceres suck. I am sorry guys but do you guys dont own no pride? Stand up for yourself, you guys dont need eachother.
  14. Come on Ceres! Get on the testserver so I can kill you!
  15. Dude u better hide behind all your platoon you had up.
    Miller has more than 2x the activity than Cobalt. We had only 4-5 Squads on the trail run and we fighted over 3 hours completly outnumbered.
    Sure Miller has the better teams and nearly every EU team from PS1. Cobalt has a huge lack of medium sized (100-150) and also activ outfits.

    You attacked us at Nason D. with around 70-80% of your team..we had everyone of us there and only had a pop from less than 30%.
    You fighted on the side where you just have to invade everything like a zombie hord....I heard Miller is quite good in playing zombie. :mad:
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  16. No, no it isn't. It means that the Miller community is proactive and took this as a challenge. The dry-run simply pointed out that Cobalt simply couldn't reach the sheer amount of platoons fielded by Miller, or even Woodman.

    We always wanted to get all EU servers involved, we simply didn't know how to fit 4 servers in 3 factions. Now we do.
  17. We need Ceres! Make your skill & numbers count!
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