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  1. just recently built and new computer and the graphic card from Nvidia gave me a code for 75$ ingame for 3 games (25$ ea) i have played them all but i'm not really devoted into these 3 games
    ( planetside 2 / World of Tanks / Hawken )


    i have no idea if i can just give away the code or so yea

    :~ i give the code randomly to anyone in this discussion :p

    Beware their fair looks :D

    An interesting offer, nonetheless.
  3. That's a good card, especially for the price
  4. Randomly pick me please ;)
  5. Very generous of you, hope I win :)
  6. It's a shame you couldn't find a love for PS2. Thanks for giving it a go anyway though ;)
  7. well, its quite hard to jump in at the current stage of the game

  8. I haven't played the game for something like 2-3 months now. But I play forumside everyday and I'm playing other games. I don't know what happened to me, I used to play for several hours every week :(

    Also, do you wanna elaborate on your statement? Not entirely sure what you mean(I have a few ideas though).
  9. well for a new and uncerted player, almost everyone else has an advantage, cert-wise. when youre skilled, you can compensate for most of that.

    starting to fly now is quite impossible, since on most servers, the skies are roamed by skilled pilots, some decent ones, and new pilots are rare because they get instagibbed the moment they leave warpgate.
    maybe this example is gimped, because flying is hard by itself... but i guess you get the point, everyone is known with the game and its mechanics, which wasnt as much at launch and in beta.
  10. im playing ps2 fine but there are other games i rather play then 24/7 battle that would never end XD

  11. I thought that was what you meant, but I had a few other ideas as well. Thanks for answering. You've actually reminded me about an issue which I've been meaning to start a thread on...Look out for flying walls of text, coming your way soon!
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  12. Well that's good to hear. :)

    "Sir, when will the war end?"

    "It ends when we've won and the enemy are all dead!"

    "But sir...we're all space zombies that can never die."

    "Hmm... In that case, it ends when they give up!"
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  13. While we would all like a nice gift like that, you should really use it yourself. You don't need to play 24/7 to enjoy the game. Just play when you feel like it.... and play VS on Waterson, we could really use the people.
  14. ^ He's right! You should probably use it for yourself :eek:
  15. na rather give away to people that enjoy the games more then i do xD
  16. I would happily take that from you, I play very often and if somebody wants to give me a gift I don't mind. :p So, wat are we talkin about in here? I hope you could join the the game some time though, always room for more in this endless, mindless, murder fest.
  17. Wait guys I know how to win forumside, deploy ULTIMATE FORUM TECHNIQUE

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  19. nice gesture for one who want wot or ps2 code:)

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