Complete and Utter Crap

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Stalkz, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Stalkz

    TSR Thomas N.: Once the Alpha Squad Boost expires, you should be able to use another
    Stalker240793 soe: i'm aware of that but are there any plans to make Alpha Squad a passive similar to the premium boost?
    Stalker240793 soe: If i use a one of the 50% 7day boosts i have, it will remove the alpha squad boost completely.
    TSR Thomas N.: Not that I am aware of, I would recommend checking out the forums for the latest news on anything Planetside 2 related
    TSR Thomas N.: Correct, I would wait until the Alpha Squad boost expires
    Stalker240793 soe: i have to wait nearly 6months before i can even apply that.

    TSR Thomas N.: I would recommend overriding the Alpha Squad Boost if you wish to use the ones you bought. Please note: we cannot add the boost back.
    Stalker240793 soe: but that defeats the whole purpose of alpha squad except for the 4000SC and weapons.
    Stalker240793 soe: i'm sure a lot of people bought it primarily because of the alpha squad boost
    Stalker240793 soe: and now you're telling us that we have to either override it or let it run out before we can use another?
    TSR Thomas N.: Correct, one boost at a time.
    Stalker240793 soe: why can we not switch boosts as we see fit?Stalker240793 soe: we paid for it, we should be able to do what we want with it.

    Am i the only one extremely pissed off that we paid $40 to get some weapons, 4000SC and a boost 10% XP and Resource boost that we HAVE to let run out OR delete before we can apply another? This is complete bull****.
  2. Freyar

    If you actually read the forums, you'd know they're working on some way to let people use other boosts too. Frankly, I'm concerned about stacking them like that, but whatever.
  3. xpsyclosarinx

    Might want to use that search button on the top right there.... it's been ranted about a fair few times now and they're working on getting a solution for it which may involve making the alpha squad boost re-equipable or a permanent passive boost.
  4. Kediec

    As both Freyar and xpsyclosarinx have already stated , this is something that is currently being looked into / worked on by the dev team .
    Now , whether that means it will be made passive , or removeable , we don't know atm , But a lot of us are waiting to see what will happen .
    Personally i don't mind either way , although i do think it being passive and stacking with membership and another boost would be a bit too much of a gain , so i'd rather see it made " removeable " , but with the timer continueing on it when removed .
    That way , at least players have a choice of using another boost or not .
  5. Gary

    Got my alpha squad back boost today. Not equipping it untill they change it.

    Edit- I lost it due to overwriting it on day 1 and never bothered opening a ticket untill today since i had a boost already.

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