Composite Armor blocks Decals =(

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Good53X, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. I **LOVE** composite armor on my NC MAX, but I can't rock my PS1 decal with it on!

    Any chance of us getting this changed? I want to look coolx2 plz.

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  2. Signed. This made me sad to see when I bought the composite armor for my Heavy. Would like to see this changed!
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  3. Like this for every class.
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  4. Bumping for importance. How can more people not care about their Decals? We work HARD for those things!
  5. Yes, yes, yes please! :) What's the point of buying a 500SC decal if no one can see it!?
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  6. 100% agree.
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  7. boy .. how often do I log on just to watch some serious decals and then i can't even see them because of the darn composite armor!
  8. Support this for all classes.
  9. its not like the decals were in an easy viewable spot least for TR maxes it isnt. they put them on the shoulderblades, by default half of the decal is cut off as is lol.
  10. I just realized this myself today =(
  11. Yes people, YES!

    It would be totally possible to just PLACE the decal on top of the composite armor. Can I get a HELL YEAH?
  12. Higby said they where going to fix it on todays Stream at gameSomething with PCGamer and some other guy. He didnt say when though and that their main focus for the next 1-2 months is mainly bug fixes etc. To make the client stable. Which is understandable.
  13. I hope they fix this soon, its really annoying to have spent the SC on a decal that you can't see...
  14. I approve this message.

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