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  1. Hi all,

    Just seeing what computer(s) you run now-a-days for an ideal gaming rig. Either laptop or PC. Did you build or buy? If you built, what'd you go with and you bought...well, what'd you buy and do you recommend it?

    Cheers and thanks in advance,
  2. My details are in my spec and dont just use it for gaming. If its just a gaming machine, an i5-3570k with Z77 motherboard.
    If you want to use multiple Graphics cards then you will need a motherboard that supports SLI/crossfire. Directx 11 graphics card(s) with at least 1 GB memory, ALso a very good power supply.
  3. I put one together with the main parts being a 3570k and a Radeon 7850. It's a great one that handles every game but I only have a 1600x900 monitor so my performance needs won't always be as high as 1080p and higher requirements. Asrock Z77 board, 8 gb of corsair ram, crucial M4 for near instant loading times.

    The processor is about as high as you would reasonably go for a game right now, but the video card could certainly be better than a 7850; when I got the cpu/gpu, they were about the same price; you could spend a bit more and get something from the 7900 series or something close to a 660 ti.
  4. A H77 board is sufficient for a gaming build, spend that extra bucks on the HD7870.

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