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    The following is a list of upcoming changes for ESF (Empire Specific Fighter) update.

    Please remember everything listed here is just the current plan and everything is subject to change. Also note that some components may be split up into other updates, so they may not all be added at once.

    Lock-On Adjustments

    We’re making some adjustments to anti-air based lock-on weapons with the goal of making lock-on weapons less frustrating and more interesting for both those using them and those on the receiving end.

    Mechanics Changes:

    • All anti-air lock on weapons will become maintained on lock. The shooter must keep the target locked for the duration.
    • The closer a lock-on target is, the faster it will acquire a lock.
    • Lock-on missiles will travel faster
    • Lock-on missile lifespan will be reduced to around 5 seconds (down from 8 or 10 seconds depending on the weapon)

    The above changes are intended to create a more interesting risk vs reward dynamic for lock-on missiles. For example, at point blank range, the weapon may lock on instantly and the projectile be too fast to dodge, while at 300 meters it may take 2.5 seconds + maintaining the lock.

    The shorter life span is also intended to remove some of the extra frustration when attempting to dodge a missile only to have it hit you seven seconds later.

    Feedback Changes:

    The following list are changes we are considering. Some may become standard UI feedback, some may get rolled into certifications:

    • Players who lock-on to you and fire, will be spotted for you
    • The lock-on display will show a number indicating how many different sources are locking on to you
    • The lock-on display will indicate what type of weapon is locking/locked-on
    • Missiles that are locked-on to you will display on the mini-map
    • Lock-on indicator will display in third person camera

    Other Changes:

    • We are fixing some lock-on missile bugs and making improvements for lock-on missiles being represented more accurately to remote clients.
    • Flares: Based on how the above changes work, flares may be adjusted.
    • The bug with stealth certifications not always granting the lock-on reduction buff will be fixed

    Experience Changes

    Players will be awarded kills and assists for players that suicide or log out.
    The kill will be awarded to the player who last inflicted damage, whether that damage was done to their vehicle or to the player themselves.

    New ESF Weapons

    Reminder, all the below weapons are works in progress and subject to change.
    The weapons below are designed to be air combat options for the secondary (wing mounted) slots. They are intended to supplement the nose cannons.

    NS-50 Mass Drivers

    Current Description: "Mass Drivers are capable of launching two 50mm rounds accurately and at a high speed. The Mass Driver must reload after each shot."

    The intent of the mass driver is to create a long range air to air weapon. Although a single shot is high damage, by itself its damage over time is low compared to a nose cannon. It will have limited usefulness against ground targets.

    Coyote Missiles

    Current Description: "Coyote Missiles are compact, short range missiles that lock-on to enemy aircraft and inflict light damage. Coyote Missiles can lock-on to targets quickly, but have a short lock-on range and lose established locks quickly."

    Coyote Missiles cannot damage as quickly as a nose cannon as it takes several seconds to unload a full volley of missiles.

    Locust Cannons

    Current Description: "Locust cannons are high velocity machine guns that boast a high bullet spread and increased magazine size, allowing it to engage targets with less accuracy but still score hits. The fire rate ramps up for a short period when it begins firing."

    The Locust inflicts comparable damage to a nose cannon and can sustain fire for a longer period. The spin up time is intended to limit its usefulness in a high speed dogfight.

    External Fuel Tank Certification Line

    We want to make the fuel tanks a more competitive option for the wing mount slot. A certification line is being added that increases the top speed of the vehicle. This stacks with the high speed racer chassis.

    Existing Balance Changes

    A tuning pass is being done on the default and rotary nose cannons.

    Default Cannons
    • Normalizing Cone of Fire to be the same across each empire
    • TTK (against other ESFs) between the empires has been brought closer together
    • Clip Sizes have increased to allow for longer sustained fire
    • Fall off damage has been added starting at 200 meters
    Rotary Cannons

    • All Rotaries, regardless of empire, can now kill an ESF in a single clip without having to get magazine size upgrades
    • TTK (against other ESFs) between the empires has been brought closer together
    • Fall off damage was added starting at 150 meters
    On top of that, we’re adjusting the empire distinctions.

    • Scythe weapons used to just be in between the Reaver and Mosquito weapons and have a slower projectile. Instead, they will have the quickest projectile (instead of slowest) and will reload faster.
    • Reaver weapons retain a higher damage and faster TTK. They also suffer less from the added fall off damage.
    • Mosquito weapons retain the quickest fire rate but also receive a larger clip size increase for longer sustained fire/fewer reloads.
    Stealth Certifications

    We’re planning, for all vehicles, to adjust each rank of stealth so that the final rank removes you from the mini-map while the previous ranks lower the range.
    We’re also fixing the bug where stealth would not always slow lock-on times.
    Lowering the engine audio is still planned, but not as part of the ESF update.

    Fire Suppression Certifications

    We’re planning, for all vehicles, to adjust fire suppression so that when activated it will apply a small heal over time for the vehicle. This works at anytime and not just when critically damaged. When activated while in critical damage, it will now set your health to above critical, instead of adding a flat amount to your current health pool

    Galaxy Repair & Ammo Supply Certifications

    We’re considering Galaxy repair and ammo supply certifications. Giving ESFs and Liberators more locations to re-arm from and more objectives to attack/defend in the sky.
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  2. BLAH blah blah..i want my black crystallize camo.

    gotta say i like the exp changes.
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  3. Well carp. Now I need to start buying higher-tier Vehicle Stealth upgrades on everything.
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  4. All sounds good, but I mourn for my Striker. Its going to be so easy to dodge Lock ons now, the only people who won't be able to will be low skill pilots. Oh well, time to take my Striker out of the sky and kill some more tanks :p
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  5. Hey, how about you sticky this so it doesn't get lost? Also, thanks for the info, it's very much appreciated :D

    Edit: actually read the post. Holy. Crap. All of my yes. This is an patch worth being called a "Game Update"
    Moar of this :eek: MOAR!
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  6. Interesting, 8ut still no focus on 8ringing 8ack the air to ground aspect of the game?
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  7. Looking forward to this more than anything else currently on that list.
  8. Great changes. Now please make libertors worth a flying snot since most of these changes made AA, and A2A MUCH more viable against liberators.

    Its real easy. Dumb bombs. Everyone loves them, they are easy to add, mechanic is SIMPLE and the balance is easy. Dumb bombs. End the lunacy that is a rearward facing tank gun that promotes horrible gameplay and hover spamming.
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  9. So I don't have to aim, I can just lock on now?
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  10. I wanted bombs... but this will do
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  11. hate the letter B? lol

    Agreed. Liberators need a working over
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  12. I like all of the changes, glad they didn't just make A2G weapons because it would just make the liberator even more useless.
  13. I'd like to know why this wasn't in the game on release but is only being patched in half a year afterwards. It's such an elementary thing that it boggles the mind.
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  14. RIP Daddy.
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  15. Yeah tell some engineer to throw a sticky at it. :D
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  16. "We’re considering Galaxy repair and ammo supply certifications. Giving ESFs and Liberators more locations to re-arm from and more objectives to attack/defend in the sky."

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  17. I'm going to have the fastest Reaver in the skies! Thanks for the AB fuel certlines, can't wait to see how fast I can make it.

    Railgun seems full of win.

    EDIT: From looking at the Rotary tweaks, it seems that the Vortek is staying relatively the same while the other two are being brought up to level with it. That's a fine decision in and of itself, but what's going to happen with Reaver Breaker Rockets, will they still be the worst at everything? Right now the Vortek is keeping people pulling Reavers because it helps in air superiority role. Bring the others in line without giving Reavers a buffed Rocket situation and the other two ESF will be equal or better at every role an ESF can perform while the Reaver is equal or worse at every role...
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  18. Very nice, any rough ETA on all/any of this? I won't hold you to it or anything :p

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