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Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Siluria, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Pritchard

    My ticket number is #121206-001561 I really hope i dont miss the sale on MAX left burster. Only about an hour and 20 mins left of that sale :(
  2. AwfulxAim


    With the Anti-air buff, getting this burster for cheap is pretty important.
  3. Runkel

    I talked to the custmer support via live chat, theres nothing they can (or want) to do about it.

    The funny thing about it is it was available at first, i bought Station Cash and BOOM Unavailable.

    I feel cheated and won't spend a single cent in the Future when i dont get that Daily Deal Afterwards! Edit: #121206-001664
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  4. Miniman

    121206-000586 Same response. Again, I only added the cash to get this deal, Pretty shoddy to not fix a simple bug after weeks.
  5. Runkel

    Or at least telling us that theres a problem.
  6. Miniman

    Managed to buy it - just bought enough points for 700. annoying, but I am very likely to buy another deal on such important items such as the rockets pods, lock on AV etc, so no major loss
  7. Relcor

    You must have as much SC in your account as the item would cost normally for you to buy it. Yeah its buggy but that is what you have to do to buy it at sale cost.

    Must have something to do with how SC is calculated for sales such as it charges you the full amount then refunds back the 50% in a single transaction so you have to have the full amount for it to work.
  8. I'm behind you


    Same issue here. No response yet. I'm going to kick up a fuss if they just tell me there's nothing they can do. I hate being lied to, because there is something they could do, they just won't do it. It's one thing telling people to be patient and wait for a fix under most situations. But this is time limited. It's not going to be fixed by the time the sale is finished and those of us that bought SC for it (a lot of us by the sounds of it) are left screwed. The only reason I bought SC was for this sale. Otherwise I would have waited for the next SC sale.

    The thing is they've obviously been aware of this issue for a few days now and yet they still persist in running daily deals. If they can't provide them to all their customers they should just put them on hold until they're fixed. It's a joke to advertise them and deny players the ability to purchase them.

    If they can't give me the gun at the sale price I want a refund for my SC. This isn't acceptable.
  9. Rivenshield

    Right there with ya, bub.

    My ticket number is 121206-001267.
  10. RavenWolf1

    This is stupid. I want to buy it but can't. I got same respond from customer support others got. In other mmos GM would help and sell it in half-price but not in Sony's online games. They have too strict policies. Stupid Sony. I have been fighting against them before for my laptop drivers problem. They don't care.

    I got 500 SC from membership but I really don't want to buy additional 500 SC so I can buy this...
  11. Androktasie

    Same here. 6 month sub and still have enough SC to get the sale price, but not 700SC. I put in a ticket for this, but since the support reps are unfortunately unable to affect in-game items, I requested it get escalated to the GMs for the item and then to billing to deduct the SC. Kudos to the rep for staying polite throughout.

    Ticket 121206-000619
  12. Rivenshield

    Well, I just got the copypasted response. We're aware of the problem and we appreciate your patience and you can go blow a goat. Have a nice day, sir. See? Ticket is marked 'solved' now.

    You do not treat ten-plus-year customers like this. You most especially do not dangle cut-rate goodies in front of gamers and then snatch them away and *then* not even make a cursory attempt to remedy the problem or compensate them somehow.

    This is not bloody freaking acceptable.

    /nerdrage mode ON
  13. I'm behind you

    I mean seriously. It's not exactly difficult for them to sort out for the affected players. Small things like this engender goodwill, denying them breeds dissent. Also it seems like they don't even want our money. If they're not going to grant me the weapon at the sale price then one way or another I'm getting my Station Cash purchase refunded. Yes it's only a drop in the ocean, and they'll never notice that it wasn't there. But that's still £4 out of their pocket because they didn't sort this out.
  14. Runkel

    Operative Endina here to assist you today! We understand that you're having some trouble purchasing the Daily Item. Currently some players are seeing the Daily Item as "Unavailable", even though they don't have it and do have enough Station Cash. This is definitely one of our top priorities, and we are looking at getting it fixed as soon as possible. Unfortunately we don't have an estimated time of when it will be fixed. We are also not able to purchase this item for you at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know!

    Well, screw you SOE, no more Micro Transaction from me, and i will warn all my friends to think twice before they spend money on Station Cash!
  15. RavenWolf1

    Sony would do well to remember that goldern rule: One unhappy customer and you lose six potential customers.
  16. Xioden

    Same issue here: #121207-000168
  17. frvwfr2

    I have heard this a lot, and it feels really shady. To get a deal, I have to initially spend TWICE AS MUCH money? Yeah, that's sure gonna make me want to support this business!
  18. Polarity

    Same issue for me, I just put 1000 on and decided to grab the Burster and one of the new guns released today. I wouldn't have bought either if the burster wasn't on sale. After adding the SC, I buy the Serpent then go to grab and the Burster and "Unavailable" :( I'm talking to live support right now, I really hope it gets fixed soon. Only 2 hours left I really want that Burster. I'm beginning to feel a bit cheated, but at the same time I know it wasn't intentional so how can I blame them :\
  19. Darkraptor

    Ticket #121207-000203

    Hope this can be resolved soon, I just want to shoot all the planes
  20. Polarity

    Alright guys I just got done talking to the live support and this is the response I received:
    Apparently it's still trying to check if you have the full price, even though it's on sale. Although I didn't want to purchase more, I didn't want to miss the sale either. I had 400 on my account so I reluctantly purchased another 500, logged in, and sure enough the item was available to purchase again for 350. It only charged the 350 like he said, and now I have 500 if I feel like buying something later I guess. I know it's not the best solution but at least it's something for now. Hope this helps some of you!

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