Describe the 3 factions with song names

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  1. Vanu:
  2. TR: don't mind it is about sex...

    On a less serious note,
    TR: Pet Shop Boys - Go West
    NC: Eiffel 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
    VS: something along these lines: Nerd Alert - Nerdy and I Know It
  3. I like to listen to another one bites the dust when shooting TR :p
  4. TR is obviously this.
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  5. NC:
    I own none of these
  6. I like how the Vanu is calling TR gay...
  7. you like bootstraps and leather that fits nice and firm :3
  8. we don't. we like light armour and hobnailed boots.
  9. the filthy corporate NC scumbags:

    The GLORIOUS Terran Republic!

    dunno about the VS cultist loonies tough
  10. shhh its okay, I wont tell anyone.
  11. Hmm i think

    Is good for all three faction in regards to the forumbehavior :p
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  12. Terran Republic (as the "evil" empire, in this case - Europe):

    New Conglomerate (as the "rebels" who actually are in someone's pocket, similary to the performer of the song):

    Vanu Sovereignty (didn't find anything to represent VS as the faction who actively embraces alien technology disregarding its possible risks for the society and the humanity as a whole. this, perhaps?):
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  13. Alrighty, here's some heavy metal versions.

    Vanu Sovereignty: "I Am A Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over (Metal) Endoskeleton" - Austrian Death Machine

    New Conglomerate: "Slave New World" - Sepultura

    Terran Republic: "Divide Et Impera" - Ex Deo
  14. Since noone else seems to have figured this one out:

    Ordos Vanu Sovereignty

    Atreides New Conglomerate

    Harkonnen Terran Republic

    You know, 3 factions fighting on planet Arrakis Auraxis to get a hold of a rare resource Spice Melange Auraxium.

    R GP B coloring, one is technologicaly advanced, one is an evil military machine and one is 'the good guys' helping the rebels. Sans the worms and unending desert!

    If you have not come to a conclusion yet (damn you must be young), google Frank Herbert Dune for yourself :D

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