[Desperately Needed Forums] Couple of new Subforums needed asap!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by foam, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. - Suggestion forums: Most people have terrible, not thought out ideas. But somewhere in the sea of badness there are always people with excellent Ideas that could work. I'm sure many of the features in game at this very moment were inspired by, if not directly attributed to people suggesting things that they thought were cool.

    Since PS2 is undergoing ongoing development, a place where constructive feedback & people wanting to suggest things to improve the quality of PS2 is a must.

    - Server Forums: Probably suggested already, players need a place to communicate with other players on their server. To organize cross-outfit ops, or to simply brag about how their faction is superior. This is currently impossible. It might even be a good place to identify hackers or exploiters.

    - Continent Forums: This is pretty much the "World Design" forums from the beta. I don't see a reason why people cannot discuss the existing continents.

    There might be a few others but this seems to be a must asap.
    If you agree with these suggestions please like this and bump this thread so it can be seen as soon as possible. If I knew who was in charge of the forums I'd send them a PM immediately and encourage you to do so as well. You can even copy paste my message if you are too lazy.
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  2. I completely agree.
    More subforums would greatly reduce the amount of complaining in the general discussion section.
  3. Don't know why they reduced the number of subforums from the beta.
  4. True. They could add in Continent Discussion back among others.

    Vehicle discussion needs to be added too.

    I'll edit the main post with the good ideas.
  5. I COMPLETELY AGREE, bring back all the beta forum headings.
  6. Many sub forums
  7. +1 For more sub-forums, especially the World Design one.
  8. Also missing "Bug reports, in-game issues and player feedback". Now bug reports on forums are scattered all around.. Bit wider use with place to discuss in-game issues such as balance between vehicles or even weapons.
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  9. empire forums

    so all the NC crying can sit in one place
  10. I'd add it to the list, but editing the OP button is not there anymore...
  11. bump for urgent visibility
  12. The fact that this post is in my Gameplay Discussions and I can't find a better place to flippantly tell you to put it means it's entirely true.
  13. yes please
  14. +1

    Server and empire forums needed.

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