[Desperately Needed Forums] Couple of new Subforums needed asap!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by foam, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. I hope the mods look at the comments to see the other suggestions. I can't edit my OP anymore with updated ideas.
  2. RadarX Community Relations

    We are consistently watching the forums and I do really appreciate the suggestions. We will consider additional forums in the near future as we assess the community needs.
  3. I find it funny this was moved to the off topic forums in a topic about suggesting forums that should be in the suggestion forum
  4. Thank you. Now that you are aware of this my job is done. :)
  5. G1n

    also, at the moment there are too many PS2 related threads in a non planetside 2 discussion section??!

    why not, in addition to ps2 gameplay section, add "general section" and move stuff related to ps2 from here (off topic) to newly created General Discussion section?

    seriously, the forum structure here pretty bad, who ever was responsible for it did a bad job!
  6. RadarX Community Relations

    The main reason? We had that in the prior forums (no idea if you were in Beta or not) and honestly? It failed horribly. A General Discussion thread is where people will post every thread instead of the forums where they should be posted. Off Topic, is not directly related to gameplay so by definition off topic.

    You do however make a great point. I'll get that subforum title changed.
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  7. G1n

    ok but I still do not understand why complicate things, why not just rename the PS2 Gameplay section, in to PS2 General Discussion. This way Off Topic section will have anything non game related and General Discussion will have everything PS2 related, I mean this is just common gaming forum structure e.g: Announcements, General Discussion, Technical Support, Off Topic, these are the main ones, obviously there need to be other sections for what ever as well.
  8. raw

    the only thing badly needed are sever forums for cross section banter. as higby said himself: "the importance of player banter cannot be underestimated". also most mods don't like it very much if you state the obvious observations that all NC are noobs and TR can only win by hacking.
  9. I thought the devs would be most in favor of more forums, I'd hate be a trawling through general discussion expecting to get good feedback out of it. Few people look past the first page and it demotivates people to make constructive, well though out posts. I doubt we'll see the quality of posts found frequently during the beta until more specific forums are added. I thought it would have been a no brainer to have more forums.
  10. Forum sections I want are...

    1. Balance section
    2. Metagame section
  11. One thing i still do not get is why they felt the need to remove the PS2 related general discussion. And we are now forced into the offtopic disuccsion. Where any game can be discussed which isnt bad. But not that helpful when you wish to talk about ps2 for a moment.

  12. While i get this why not just have moderators actively move threads to the appropriate sections? Been running many forums even for specific games for many years. And this is the easiest way. If there is a sub forum for it move it there otherwise let it stay in general.

    Would make it far easier especially related to the off topic posts spread through ps2 posts. Besides this everybody will simply replace general with off topic now. Making the fix not useful, only changing the place where it happens and making that place more crowded with post that are not related to PS2.
  13. Off topic/General its all the same...
  14. Yeah, compared to the beta forums this is kinda sad.

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