does anyone know what time the jan patch will be out it tonight ??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DJStacy, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Was wondering if anyone knows what time the patch will be out ...if its 12:00 PST tonight that will be 08:00 GMT in the morning but wanted some more accurrate news if anyonw has any .....:)
  2. haven't heard nothing about lately from anywhere.sooner the better.
  3. They have a tendency to hotfix at the end of the work day on the specified date. Not sure if the patch will be at their 12:00am or 11:59 PM PST tomorrow.
  4. Would love to see some patch notes or words on this from an official source
  5. They still have two days, no need to rush it if they aren't done. Yet.
  6. I am hoping they have the update ready tonight. An extra day of testing before the weekend is always good.
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  7. Wasnt this one supposed to be a uninstall and reinstall of the full client?
  8. Regardless it won't be posted here until well after the fact, remember to check in to Twitter because that is where all pertinent information is kept, or maybe Reddit next to the preteen upskirt shots.

    Remember to vote for your favorite faction!
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  9. no. you have to reinstall windows first.
  10. I'v never visited Reddit in my life but you're making a compelling argument
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  11. Servers shut down by 12:00-12:10 AM (PST) then are up at least a half hour to an hour later on same PST time zone. That's according to the last major patches/hotfixes.
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  12. I wasn't implying they should rush.i was just saying
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  14. This, everything this, even the last part.
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  15. You're visiting the 4chan subreddit way too much.

    The planetside subbreddit is actually a bit more mature than this forum... believe it or not. Not to say I hate you runts. :cool:
  16. RadarX Community Relations

    We'll move this back on topic... The patch has been delayed until tentatively later this week. We are doing a little more testing and tweaking.
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  17. well well that blows. but oh well i hope it will be worth the wait. keep up the great work
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  18. So far can't see the difference between it and any other site on the internet

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  19. [IMG]
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  20. lol'd feel your pain.
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