Does the walmart card really work with 3x station cash?

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Almazy, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Almazy

    I googled it and a lot of people said the +500 bonus on the walmart cards is included with the 2x and 3x station cash events.

    But the people who said that sounded like they were guessing. Has anyone confirmed it will work?
    1,500+500 = 6,000 station cash? Or at least 5,000 station cash?
    I'm afraid to buy the card and the game glitches and I only get 1,500+500 lol I was on a game that had a similar bug like that. and I was upset.
  2. Destructomonkey

    On black friday i bought walmart cards. it applied what was then a 2x deal. i.e. 15 dollars = 2000 SC x 2 which gave me 4000 total.
  3. Goodkat

    The last triple SC, I used Walmart cards and got quadruple
  4. tugernut

    where did you get the cards , 3 walmarts between me and my brother in 2 states and no one seems to know what were talking about or have any
  5. ME-tan

    The triple boost only applies to the base amount on the card and not the 500 bonus SC.
  6. DeadLamb

    you can check your local store (well sort of) by going to walmart's site, searching for SOE and then when the page with the cards comes up you punch in your zip code and it will tell if you they are in stock or not.. I only say "sort of" being the inventory tracking is sort of spotty and "limited stock" might mean "out of stock"... as in what happened to me..
    also the cards tend to be in the electronic area and not the gift card area that are all over the place now that christmas is here.

    of course that did not stop the person I was with from buying like 30 bucks of other random junk at walmart, is in why they give a bonus in the first place, to get a person into the story to buy stuff..
  7. tugernut

    Thx for the reply , we tried that , the one that's online doesn't give the extra 500 s c .
    At one store it said in stock and wasn't.
    I'm done trying , spent more in gas trying to get 15$ of free s c .
  8. MordecaiWalfish

    Yes, it really works. I just got the last $15 card from the wal-mart down the street and added 6000SC to my account 5 minutes ago.

  9. TheEvilBlight

    Same here. Fun stuff.

    I guess that's good for rocket pods on six characters...just kidding!

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