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  1. I'm a regular Mossie pilot and... Why not just replace the rocket pods (Which everyone is complaining about) with dumb bombs? (Aka unguided bombs but writing that takes more effort so dumb bombs it is)

    Give the rocket pods to Liberators. They're the gunships.

    1. Takes more skill to hit with them.

    2. Limited bombs (2-4 bombs) per "bomb run". No reloading until you rearm at a landing pad.

    3. Can't "bomb" flying enemies. Get A2A missiles.

    4. Lots of bomb types for lots of fun. Napalm, HE, laser guided (Ok, this is a "smart bomb"), cluster bombs, etc.

    5. A lot more rewarding in terms of fun and satisfaction

    Napalm: Burns the target area for let's say 5-10 seconds in a 20-30 meter radius.

    Damage: High against infantry, very low against vehicles
    Radius: 20-30 meters
    Capacity: 1 bomb, upgrade-able to 2

    High Explosive: Our all-purpose bomb. Like tanks' HEAT shells.

    Damage: Medium against infantry and vehicles
    Radius: 15-20 meters
    Capacity: 2 bombs, upgrade-able to 4

    Laser guided: Infiltrators could get a laser marker and mark important targets. Great for organized squads and outfits.

    Damage: Low against infantry, very high against vehicles
    Radius: 10 meters
    Capacity: 2 bombs, upgrade-able to 4

    Cluster bombs: Deploys a parachute or something futuristic to slow it down when dropped, explodes in the air into a lot of little bombs. More effective when launched from a high altitude due to the spread. Low blast radius per bomb, low-medium damage against all targets.

    Damage: Medium against infantry and vehicles
    Radius: 3-5 meters per lil' bomb
    Capacity: 1 bomb, upgrade-able to 2
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  2. The Gal would be a better dumb bomb platform.
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  3. These could be a call down for the Leadership tree,included with that,give squad leaders binoculars.
  4. Used like a dive bomber (Stuka) thus would be pretty cool.


    Then we can carpet bomb all them dumb grouped up magriders.
  6. I like the idea. That way ESFs would be forced to actually get directly above their target instead of using rocket pods that have a range greater than most AA deterrents. The bombs would have to be quite deadly, however, to justify the risk.
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    Gal bombers would be sweet and give the ESFs something to escort and try to kill.
  8. I agree. Gal bombers would be a fantastic idea. Much like the heavies back in the old days. Heavily armored. Geared to the teeth. Rain hell from above. Big lumbering bastards that are easy to hit but can take a beating.
  9. I want this so badly. Mainly because I feel liberators are pretty ****** and easy to deal with. Zoom in and drop some bombs and bug out.
  10. Dude.

    EMP bombs.
    "Low" damage, high utility.

    ESFs are finally part of combined arms operations without pigeonholing into a A2A role

    Do NOT give KILLER bombs to ESF or the situation will be WORSE than it is now with rocket pods; with pods they actually HOVER which gives an opportunity to hit them with AA.

    Anyway, link in signature etc etc...
  11. Great idea and all, but there's one problem I have. And it's a general thing for all the aircraft.

    The pilot has no ability to look around the cockpit or get visibility to see where the bomb actually landed. Arma has a great system for this. Holding left Alt and moving the mouse, you can look around. In vehicle or not. So you could bank to one side in a jet, look back at your target and see the effect.

    In planetside, your camera is fixed. 3rd person isn't much of an improvement, if they added something like Arma's free look, then I'd not mind bombs.
  12. Mouse wheel lets you look around the cockpit.

    Back to the topic, I like this idea. As aircraft would have to get a bit closer, there would be more oppotunities to shoot them from close-up with AA. I also agree with the options of different bombs to diversify the ESF. Maybe unlock 'bombs' as a weapon, then you have to cert (not buy with SC) different types of bomb.
  13. Interesting, thanks for that. Now to see how much visibility you can get.
  14. I don't think visibility would be a problem. Think of it as dive Bombers, to mark your target oyu have to aim down towards them, giving the ESF a predictable angle, so it's not as safe as just speeding horizontally over your tank and boom, and also if you want the bombs to hit, you might be better off just dropping a single bomb per dive, if they have spread or whatnot.

    I like the idea, but maybe a bit more Ammo. Sure, not enough to farm with, but macking the maximum ammount 4 bombs, with one beeing standard means you dump so much cert into it. Afterall the last Cert would cost about 1k again. Or give them massive power, One should seriously get some tank down to 30%, else IDK, you'd only be flying to the pad and back.
  15. Wouldn't mind AT bombs with tiny splash and big direct hit damage, but please, no more options for oneshotting infantry over a wide area. Bad enough already.
  17. /Signed

    Talking to clan members about this today. Its an option to rework the pods into something with more of a risk versus reward mentality. Currently pods are line up for a few seconds and unleash fury.

    Using a bomb would require lining up for a nose dive (and gaining altitude), whereas doing a strafing run requires being close to the deck and good timing (practice needed).

    Also allows for dedicated bombers (WW2 planes come to mind?) to be forced to get a new payload, and hey, maybe the nose gun would get more use!

    On the whole trinity of warfare planetside has, I feel it would end up being a low splash AV AP bomb, a large splash AI Heat or scatter bomb, and a third utility (non-combat) bomb. Maybe something like an EMP for 5 seconds radar wipe for those in the AoE, or a shield dropper, or a spotting bomb. Could be interesting.
  18. OH HELL NO. did you ever play Battlefield 2? you spawn, a jet flies overhead at full speed, you blow up, repeat.
  19. Bombing with hovercraft would be kinda boring and weird.

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