Dumb Bombs - The Solution

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  1. /signed.

    I like. FUND IT!
  2. i like this idea!

    Bring back some skill to curb the ESF A2G trollfest!
  3. The purpose of this idea is that ESFs to have more of a supportive role rather than a long range killing machine that mops up everything in it's way. (Ala rocket pods)

    The ESFs will have to dive in a predictable pattern and will have to break the dive if they get damaged too much or drop the bomb early and miss the target.

    A carpet bombing Galaxy would be cool but probably when converted to a "carpet bomber", it loses it's troop transport capacity and machine guns for balance. (It will have to be escorted by ESFs)

    The only "anti-infantry" are the HE and Napalm.

    Napalm would do a damage-over-time effect where it would require the whole fire duration 5-10 seconds to kill someone. (It's used to scatter groups of infantry and draw them out of cover for the ground forces)

    HE would have less damage the farther the target is in the blast radius. Highest damage from the direct center of the blast would almost kill infantry (Think armor + half of HP) but 3-5 meters away from the center would just take off their armor.
  4. In ps1 the liberator was the bomber. The first player was the pilot, the third used the tail machinegun but the second used bombs
  5. As a long time pilot of that airframe in that very title Tuco I agree that the ability to hover and drop your eggs would take a lot of the skill out of it.

    <-- Bose 26 HE-111 pilot until I just couldn't take any more of Doc's idiocy.

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