Elder Scroll Online!

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  1. Its like a dream come true for me. Anyone else? Its my first sub MMO ever.

  2. Apina,

    are you a Fan of the Elderscrolls Games? I only ever knew Morrowind and Skyrim, didn't
    played Oblivion since my "Foreboding" let me knew it wouldn't be that great.

    I can ensure you, if the Elderscrolls Online is only half as good as Skyrim - then it will be
    a very nice Game already. It will be much Fun, no Doubt. Indeed, like a Dream comes true.

  3. ho shXt, this is real
  4. Sorry to disapoint but it's going to suck
  5. man this is really great.
  6. the moment when you realize that your massive hyped game fails like a piece of ---

    hi@ swtor, gw2, warhammer and many more
  7. G1n

    AI looks as dumb as ever, yawn.
  8. Werewolves? I am buying this.
  9. Looking forward to it. I think they said late 2013 for release.
  10. I feel like tons of people will get this game just cause it has Elder Scrolls slapped on it an realize it doesn't play anything like the other games in the series and the only thing in common is the lore. The combat looks extremely generic for a MMO. I know the game isn't anywhere near completion but I doubt the combat will drastically change since that is most likely one of the first things developed. The developers (specific developers I mean, I know its this studios first game) don't have a great history of great games anyways. I can only name one that did well and that's Dark Age of Camelot.
  11. Sento,

    You mention that the combat 'looks generic for an MMO'. Have you played Skyrim? It's hack and slash to the max. If you're a warrior with a shield you have four attacks: low and high power for the sword, and high and low power for the shield if you are trained in it.

    You say its just an MMO with ES slapped on it, but it shaping up to be more like ES than 'generic MMO'.

    Check this out, if you can relate to the Skyrim comparisons: !
  12. R u from da futur?

    OT: Hope there aren't any subscription fees
  13. Actually looks interesting.
    Its like they cross WoW, Eve and Planetside into one game.

    Standard mmorgp stuff ala WoW.
    Only one master server like Eve.
    Clan conquerable PvP land on a huge persistent continent similar to Planetside.
    (From 07:20 min in the video)

    Not to fuzzed about the stock rpg stuff. Rather play those in single player to actually have a impact on the world I am in, but the PvP sounds very interesting. Specially considering the base combat in ES isnt the standard hotkey mmo type.
  14. No... no it doesn't
  15. Pretty much
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  16. Im a pretty big fan of the Elder Scrolls series so I wish this all the best but the mmorpg market is just so flooded and burnt out that I see this having a very hard time.
  17. No, I just have been around long enough to understand this game will bring nothing new to the table and be completely garbage. The name Elder Scrolls helps but look at SW:TOR, one of the biggest brands created a tu.rd that is failing pretty hard.
  18. The "Elder Scroll Online MMO" is using the same garbage engine that "Star Wars the Old Republic" uses.
    * If you want to get a feel of how combat and movement will work.
    - Try "SWTOR" it's now free to play...hahaha
  19. Smart money says ESO will launch as a subscription based MMO, to grab up as much money from fans and early adopters as possible and then convert to a F2P model once their numbers start to drag. With the game scene being what it is right now, I wouldn't expect ESO to make a dent in the competition especially with increasingly good F2P alternatives.
  20. Horrible concept - horrible preview and a horrible recton slaughter of the lore.

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