Elder Scroll Online!

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  1. gaem is sheeet! wai 2 mainstream 4 me teh compny must be sel out!

    On a serious note, I'll give it a go, see what I think.
  2. Im not really a fan of ES, but I just love the style and screenshots. :cool:
  3. G1n

    would trust what that guy says, people who get invited for sneak previews of games always come out spouting nonsense like "omg its amazinnnn!!111!" they are shill's in a way, don't trust them until people in beta start leaking info.
  4. It doesn't have the melee combat system of Mount & Blade, so I don't like it.
  5. It's going to be like GW2 (terrible)
  6. It will be a fail like SWOTR, The combat seems 90% based on 1 thing. BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK. haha. I love Elder scrolls (well morrowind and oblivion, Skyrim was too dumbed down for an RPG its an action adventure game now) But you cant have Skyrim combat in a MMO, it will be a button masher like most mmorpgs.
  7. Please... This is real MMORPG.
  8. Same **** in a different diaper...

    One could at least have expected first person view as the games its named after but after the Syndicate fiasco last year, nothing amazes me anymore.
  9. Theres stamina as far I know, so you need to use it wisely.

    Theres Skyrim combat, first person combat is in the work but they arent sure if they can make it to work.
  10. Might be neat, but PlanetSide 2 and Guild Wars 2 are my rare RARE exceptions were I actually enjoy MMOs.
  11. Im still to try GW2, but friend said the shop is no good.
  12. Forget this, go play DarkFall: Unholy Wars when it comes out next month. They already failed the first time around and are completely remaking the game, and have always been focused on what is fun for the player, not making money. Go look, you won't be disappointed.

    No lock on combat, full loot pvp, medieval fantasy setting with cities you can build, capture, destroy. It's the biggest sandbox MMO of our time.

    Edit: To stay slightly on topic. Morrowind was amazing, Oblivion was meh, Skyrim I uninstalled after an hour. That's pretty telling about how I make my next ES purchase. However I went back and played Oblivion with the Nehrim (sp) total conversion mod, and that actually made the game spectacular. It's in german with subtitles but it's well worth it.
  13. I agree. I have a feeling that ES Online is going to become just like PS2 attracting BF3/CoD f****, and making the game generic instead of 100%remaking PS1. I bet this game is going to play more like WoW than a Elder Scroll games. I really hope it doesn't but seeing the way this game has gone, and many other games it will try to cater to a specific playerbase ==WoW players. And it will go F2P soon after launch, so they better just make it F2P before launch lol. Nothing beats the WoW Empire. Sadly.
  14. Being an original Morrowind and Oblivion player (haven't had the chance to do Skyrim), I find it to be sacrilege to play any of the Elder Scrolls games in a manner other than First Person.
  15. I wouldnt compare it to CoD/BF3, its full-blooded MMORPG, 15 dungeon, 4 raid, fully voiced, 3 unique alliance/faction story, Cyrodil, mounts, achievements.
  16. Have any of you done any research at all on this game?

    Game informer had like a huge spread on it, in which the developers flat out said the combat system is modeled after combat from wow.

    This is brand name exploitation at its best.
  17. WoW-combat? Very first thing they said its real-time combat, means you hit block, you block, you click left mouse button, you hit with your weapon, you press left click long time you make power hit, shift you sprint, shooter combat isnt right thing to say because theres 6 abilities, 1 ultimate move, alot more depth. People whined so much about first person so they said they look into it.

    Someone fooled you bad, and its not me, sorry bud.
  18. Darkfall indeed looks great, I had time today to check it out. ;)
  19. its funny how fans through this phrase out there when somebody criticize a new hyped up MMO. and most of the time they never live up to hype. Just like the Critics point out... what you have to say about that?
  20. I hate the combat in Skyrim, ever since I played Mount & Blade for the first time I can't play any other melee action game, my standards for combat systems have been raised too high.

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