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  1. Honestly, if this game provides an never ending and legitimate elder scrolls experience with a standard PvE MMO experience in the dungeons, I think I'm going to like it a lot.

    It's a shame it's not first person. But it's not unexpected, either.

    We'll see.
    I'll definitely be following this game's development, because the concept does interest me.
  2. Absolutely horrible horrible HORRIBLEEEEEE

    This is just going to be another point and click wow clone, even the environments look like WoW. As if the idiot game devs didn't realize how hardly this model is failing in the past years.

    All of these companies hyping people up with amazing concepts and then executing them by copying the WoW template as if it were the only way to design an MMORPG. I was so exited for new refreshing concepts like SWTOR and they failed miserably because of the boring repetitive point and click cooldown mana stamina hp ******** that has been tried and tried again. And I just know they will do the same for the Fallout MMO and screw my favorite series sideways.

    **** it, tomorrow I'm getting my prerequisites in check and changing my major to computer science. You're all MORONS.

    More people need to design MMORPGS like the guy making Star Citizen. That is passion, originality, vision, THAT is going to be a successful MMORPG.
  3. No, it's not going to be a WoW clone. It's going to be Dark Age of Camelot set in the Elder Scrolls world. The president of the company developing Elder Scrolls Online is the guy who made DAoC. And how they describe the 3 faction PvP system - it's nearly exactly like what they did in DAoC.

    That being said, it might not be all that bad.
  4. ITT: butthurts saying all fantasy MMOs are WoW clones.
  5. You truely are stupid arent you? WoW is just an Everquest Clone.

  6. When people say WoW clone they mean the generic safe RPG with cooldown skills controlled by a mana/stamina bar, point to click combat, level/xp based gameplay, end game based on dungeons, guilds, and looting. These games might have once been great, but now they have absolutely no soul.

    This is the generic MMO. You can stick whatever universe you want into it, Lord of the rings, star wars, elder scrolls, fallout, etc etc, but it will still be the same point and click cooldown crap.

    This formula caused Rift to fail, it caused GW2 to fail, it caused SW:TOR to fail, it caused countless more games that have come out in the past years to fail. People are tired of the MMO template and it needs to be changed. Every dev thinks they are untouchable until they **** up royally. They are going into this cocksure, just like bioware did.

    Modern MMORPGs need to break out of this, can you imagine every single MMO for the next 50 years being like this? Absolute idiocy, the change in mmos is coming and the investors looking at the wow forumla with greed in their eyes have no choice.

    But you keep calling me names and such, that will surely help your argument.
  7. GW2 is not a WoW clone, at all.

    And it didn't fail, either.
  8. I'll only play this is its F2P. I didnt jump on the GW2 ban wagon. I'm just tired of the whole European mythical dragon bears and elves oohhh my games. The market is crazy saturated.

    Don't get me wrong. I played elder scrolls pause play games and I loved it. I think the market needs something fresh. Something so sci fi and out of this world no one can touch it.

    It needs to have:

    A living breathing world.
    - people going to work.. cab drivers driving people... wood cutters making a house that actually gets built... People trading in the market and then going home with groceries. riots... Holiday festivals marching down the street.. elections... dictatorships
    - weather and seasons
    - Content that is very complex and also extremely easy so any person can play.
    - a place where if a player wants to get a job as cab driver, they can etc...
    - space ships
    - hover vehicles
    - hover bikes
    - concept cars
    - Extremely intelligent AI
    - a way to have thousands of players in the same instance
    - a way in which players can actually make a living in the virtual world.. Think

    Then create the game on top of this world/s
  9. Oh the rumor mongering and spread of ill information in this thread. People are so stupid to believe everything that's thrown in front of their faces. Especially when we are discussing an pre-Alpha product. I suggest you people wait.

    However, something I already know; the combat isn't modeled from world of warcraft, the game isn't using hero engine (same as swtors), however it had been licensed. No one possess absolutely ******* zero knowledge whether the game will have **** like achievements, mounted combat, how many dungeons does it have, how many potential raids does it have, which of them are public and which aren't. Honestly, we don't know anything yet.

    So aside from the OPs video, which is kinda cool. This thread is 3 pages of ********.
  10. Well, ESO is the first WoW-killer.

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