[BUG] Enemies Mini Map Colors Incorrect

Discussion in 'Gameplay Bugs' started by Voraen, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. HI
    recently noticing an issue where spotted enemies are appearing on my mini map as friendly platoon colours.

    For example, if i see an enemy NC Vanguard on the mini map, he will appear the colour of a friendly platoon squad member on my mini map.
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  2. This has been happening to me too - it's super annoying. I'm using the red vs blue colour scheme, and I've been seeing enemy Scythes and Reavers showing up as green and orange on the minimap. Will try to get a screenshot next time.
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  3. Here we go. I'm TR - that Scythe should not be green! :confused:
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  4. Yeh mate... im seeing all the time mozzies and reavers green and orange...

    While in the air.. I always have my mini map extended... having to decide what it is by shape instead of colour, can mean the extra time taken 2 see that it is enemy instead of friendly and get shot out of the sky.

    MUST BE FIXED!!!.... please... thank you.. o_O
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  5. Happens to most everyone in our outfit also.
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  6. The following is footage showing a spotted enemy VS lighting appearing on the mini map the colour purple instead of the colour red for enemy.

    If you watch the mini map closely, you will notice a friendly NC Vanguard approaches the enemy vehicle, hesitant at first but then they both begin opening fire after the initial confusion.

    A Mosquito that fly s casually by and Scythe that later joins the fight, both appear the correct colours on the mini map, red. :confused::eek:

  7. At first I wanted to point out that Vanu are purple... At least for me (Empire colors) problem being I had to make them hot pink instead cause of squad colors. Than I actually got what you meant. xD Friendly/Foe coloring is Blue n Red if I'm not mistaken (I'm NC)

    But yeah this is horrible when you see a green Sundy/Lightning etc... Basically any common pool vehicle, since they got no distinct marking on the map. (Other than color normally)
  8. YEAH omfg!? o_O i had to make VS any color other than the squad colors, i was shooting my own guys XD and ive had a crud load of more FF incidents where i wasnt even shooting at my own team becuse i was in the wrong platoon squad. honestly i prefered the original one color squads :/ or let the squad leaders choose or somthing!
  9. think one of your guys hijacked it and is taking it for a spin :p
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  10. I get it a lot.

    Opening the map/escape screen then closing it *can* sort it out, but not always...
  11. Yeah to me as well. It has been happening since the GU02 update as far as I can remember. Then also another inconsistency on my mini map is whenever I hop in or out on a vehicle (any) the dynamics on my mini-map (e.g. terminals, friendlies) desyncronise to the actual terrain. So to fix this, I have to hit 'H' all the time whenever this happpen. Now I usually/often hit 'H' now `coz I am getting this paranoia that my mini map is desync and incorrect.

    The color issue also applies to some friendlies who are not in your outfit/platoon/squad who have 'color' on my mini-map.

    Everything on this game has inconsistency attached on it.
  12. Hehe... the first time it happened, I thought for a second that they'd brought back vehicle hijacking from PS1 :D
  13. Happens all the time to me...Sometimes enemies appear as friendly colors, or appear as a white (neutral) color.
  14. Bump. The minimap is still not working properly after the latest patch - here are some examples from this evening:

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  15. It'd be nice to get an acknowledgement that they're looking into this.

    For reference, my colour scheme is:
    i.e. the Ally vs Enemy colour, with VS adjusted to a slightly more purpley red
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  16. I have this same problem but my colors on Enemy vs Ally, the default settings that the game launched with.
    Enemy = RED. Ally = BLUE. Simple, strait forward... I have not changed my color options.. so it should not be buggy..
    Yet I see random purple lightnings, black prowlers, green scythes, gold enemy infantry dots and arrows..

    Minimap is not working properly... It has been borken since GU02.
    Pressing M to open the big map, then closing it, will fix the colors on the minimap..

    I am tired of having to press mm every time a new vehicle shows up on my screen.. can we get a fix please?
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  17. I guess asking for a response from Devs or whoever is asking a bit much on this...since the issue is still ongoing and makes gameplay a tadbit difficult when you have incorrectly colored lightnings, galaxies, liberators, etc. buzzing around you....

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