Enough with the takeoff mechanics already

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  1. I've heard and experienced enough frustration over the "blast-off" that results from pressing forward while landed in an aircraft. It's an uncontrollable lurch forward. Many times, this results in you smashing into something and becoming glued to it until you explode. Yes, you can still explode in the warpgate. The game shouldn't force a player into a situation where their resources are expended and their timer is set. At the very least, cause aircraft timers to start AFTER you leave the warpgate.

    Either fix the being glued to structures, or give us control over our aircraft.
  2. Dont press forward? Take off in a hover state by using space untill you clear anything in front of you then slam the fuel.
  3. I've never exploded in the Warp-gate, even with my bizarre sense of ESF parking causing the 'glued to structures'' you mentioned. (The below happened after a airborne wrestling match).


    The only time a vehicle is damaged in the gate I've found is when the vehicle is unmanned. Long as someone is in it it falls under the Invincibility rules of the Shield Bubble.

    But like Ocky said, keep in mind these are VTOL aircraft, they can takeoff straight up.
  4. Hold S. Until the trusters are down, Then use afterburner. If will lunge you straight up for about 150 meters until the trusters turn.
    There is literally no issue with control of a fighter. I can do soo much more with these fighters compared to other games.
    Use trusters for small corrections. Not W
  5. Aehm lern to fly?

    The Planes in PS2 are not similar to normal planes ion the world. Imagine you have two ways to move the plane. Frist the Main Thruster working similar with a normal plane engine controlled by W/S and the Vector Truster controlled with Space and Strg left (on my controls).

    First Moevement with the Vector Truster. When you press space you will gain altitude. When yo dont press a button you will lost slowly atlitute and when you press STRG you loose altitude very fast. But this onlx work when your Nose in the HUD is in line with the horizont marker. Flying with Vectortruster is like flying a helicopter. When you put the nose under the horizont, you will gain foward speed. if you put the nose over the horizont you will gain backwarts speed (yes, the plans (in my case the reaver) is able to fly backwarts by locking into the sky, let maintruster on zero and firing the vectortruster). Also you can straf to regith and left by roll the plane and firing the vecor truster.

    This is your main Movement on start, battle and landing. Cause its very slow and very precisely.

    Flying with the mainthruster ist liek flying a normal plane. You will fly in the direction you look.

    The easiest Way to fly is to use the main Thruster only für Traveeling between airport and battle.

    Start: use the Vector Truster do start from the airfield, put the nose a little bit under the horizon to get fowarthspeed. Then when you have a safe distance to every building and the map, you fire the main truster to get to the point where you want to fight.

    Fight: in Combat Zone you shoul reuce the maintruster to Zero, only flying with Vector trusthers and a little bit speed strafing and change altitude to avoid enemy AA-Fire and search for targets to destroy them. When you get a lock use Maintrhuster and Afterburner to run away as fast as you can. Wehen you get a Plane with Tomcats on your *** prepare to die. But hwne there is nor AA-Rockets, after a few minutes you will get out of munition or woudl be damaged. Than fly back to the airfield.

    Landing. Similar to start. Fly with maintruster to the airfields. When you are 100-200m away reduce main Truster to zero, use the Vector truster to reduce Speed to a minimum (loock over the horizon to reduce speed) and then only yuse the vector truster do hover over the airfield, stop speed and stop vectortruster for final landing.

    Its a lot of training stuff. I need a few hours to learn that.
  6. If you are going to press forward, immediately pitch your aircraft upwards, then level out, yaw about and land again.

    Simple. seriously. you just need a little bit of practice. :)

    Keep trying and eventually you will find out you stop doing it, i know how you feel but once you master it, you will feel rewarded.

    The flight mechanics are easy to understand, but hard to master.

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