ESF are completely overpowered

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  1. Yea, rocket pods are pretty much the main offender in making fighters absolutely overpowered. Those things are just stupid right now, there is nothing they can't kill effectively, you can even use them against other fighters at close range.
  2. D0n

    Then stop being bad at aiming and land all the shots.
  3. You have no control over how many shots you land in a Skyguard. If the enemy changes their course everything you fired in the second before he did that will miss, simple as that. Some more shots will miss just because they scatter, and if you fight an opponent who knows this and changes direction rapidly the only thing you can do is average his movements and roll the dice.
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  4. I feel like this needed to be posted.

    People die to ESF because they can kill any ground vehicle in the game, bar the Sunderer or a Vanguard with supershield, before they can effectively react.
  5. I can't tell why they're still there - there's actually some pretty detailed scenery we can't even reach!
  6. Don't be a *****, have you tried using a skyguard? It's a pain in the *** to hit ESFs, especially when they're warping all over the place.
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  7. When are rocketpods going to be nerfed? It's breaking the game.
  8. D0n

    That has nothing to do with the AA balance, I thought for a second all the whining about AA "might" have some right inserted to it, yesterday I witnessed the disintegration of 15 ESF back to back 1-2 second flat each, 4-5 enclave maxes and when they came at us with like 14 ESF, 2 maxes and a skyguard shredded them all.

    AA is fine, in fact it's borderline overpowered, people should need even more AA to stop aircraft, this game can install 650 people per faction, 5 is nothing, yet it does alot.

    You want to be rewarded for shooting at aircraft even if you do not kill them? have them add exp based on hits landed.
  9. What are you talking about. In hilly terrain an AP specced lightning can ruin MBT's. Libs and ESF's can rock MBT's. HA's can either kill or make MBT's run off if they have good cover to use. When you start considering squad work, well MBT's just get all sorts of rocked.

    For an ESF? The best option is dedicated squads just to kill ONE at a time, OR using your own ESF to beat there ESF.
  10. This would be a fair compromise, since a lot of flyboys seem unable to cope with the idea of being killed occasionally. More people would use AA if they could get plenty of XP for it - boring jobs need to be rewarded.
    Even so, I think the main issue here is rocket pods, not AA having difficulty killing aircraft. AA is more or less fine (though a lot of people complain about the accuracy of the skyguard). Rocket pods basically cause the same problem as non-crewed MBTs (although tank spam has been solved.. somehow. Economy changes?). In short, a single player can spend a small amount of resources to use a vehicle that makes them very difficult to kill and is capable of rapid fire spamming rockets which can destroy crowds of infantry very, very quickly. And another issue with rocket pods is that they actually make it a lot easier for AA to take down aircraft - if the troops utilizing the AA actually manage to make it out of the spawn room and far enough that the ESF doesn't bother to track and kill them. ESFs using rocket pods have a tendency to just hover and spam their rockets - obviously it's going to be incredibly easy to take down a stationary target.
  11. Takes a whole squad of players to kill a lone player who spent a very small sum of resources?
    Seems fair.
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  12. Funny no one ever records these situations where ESF's get slaughtered in mass.

    Meanwhile there are several videos showing how useless AA is unless stacked by an entire squad
  13. D0n

    Well then you know what to do, healing and repairing is rewarded, if AA feels badly rewarded (personally I get good rewards) then have them give you exp, move for that, make a post.
  14. D0n

    My current frames don't allow me to record very large fights.
  15. Where are the video's where an entire squad of total N000bz can't kill any air with the G2A launchers?
    Please I need a good laugh.... I can only imagine a bunch of folks blowing into them and trying to
    play them like a tuba or something.
  16. You seem slightly upset.
  17. Totally wrong read bro. I really think it would be hysterial to see a video of a squad that couldn't kill
    one ESF if they all had G2A launchers. I couldn't even imagine what type of total moronasy that would
    require... lol... would they be aiming them at eachother... would they be firing at ESF by mountains or
    just locking stuff up at absolute draw distance. Would they be wearing the things like hats...

    really, how could 12 people with lockon missles not kill 1 esf. lol.. hmnnn... gotta be funny.

    Honestly 12 skyguards which are arguably the gimpiest AA atm would even be funny.
  18. I have one, uploading it to YT now. Its from Two Stone Beach yesterday night on Math Server, basically Infantry held there own, we were pushed back, but too it back and advanced. The entire fight lasted 30 mins. You'll see AA Infantry supported by engineers with ammo packs and Mana Guns defending the hill top, you'll also notice alot of friendly ESFs flying about. There was not a "rocketspamfest", the enemy spent most of their time evading.
  19. Wrong, they clearly have the ability to be kitted specifically for "ground thumping". They have anti-ground cannons and anti-ground secondaries.

    People need to stop thinking of them as A2A fighters and think of them more as multi-role fighters. In modern terms the ESFs are not F-22s, they are F-35s.

    They are also made of paper and can only deter a single lock on missile at a time. Of course A2A will be most effective against them, that is the entire point of kitting an ESF as A2A, to deter A2G ESFs.
  20. Rocket spam. Why drive around in a tank when you could fly in one?
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