ESF & Lib weapon changes

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  1. So,

    After much inter-outfit debate, we have come to 1 question for the DEVs of

    why did the Lib not get the rocket pods? Giving the pilot something he can
    actually dps with and allow the lib to be a true gunship, both from low and
    high altitudes, plus gun ships with rocket pods are badass and would make
    them fall in line with their damage output right now. Eliminating ESF rocket
    squads that decimate all ground and air targets.
    Keep their DPS high because the risk for deploying them into a combat zone
    will also be high, and will require the Lib to get in close and will then be
    easy prey for enemy Anti Air Artillery and Tanks.

    And where-as why you can't equip the Tank Killer Chain Gun to the ESF, sure
    as of right now the sizes are off, but hey we built the A-10 IRL so it can
    be done. Think this would solve a lot of issues and also add penalties to
    flight characteristics to the ESFs that take that gun due to a reworking in
    their chassis. This would also breed a whole new ESF pilot as one who runs
    that gun would be used to harass infantry and tanks alike but would be far
    to encoumbered to dogfight aircraft with it.

    Hell we should even have an option to mount guns on the wings instead of
    missiles if you wanted to be a true ground pounder, or run guns only air

    Just a thought,
    So discuss.
  2. That'd be nice.

    Atm the only disadvantage for ESF using rocket pods is the disadvantage they put themselves in, when they are fighting against A2AM ESFs.

    Imo ESFs should have to make a decision to either spec their aircraft for air superiority or for A2G. A decision they are atm forced to do.

    But as I see a lot of hate towards A2A missiles, if A2G ESFs had some major disadvantage against air superiority ESFs, A2A missiles could be nerfed to oblivion or removed completely.
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  3. Everyone seems to forget that ESF already lose a lot of speed in the form of much less afterburner just by equipping a secondary weapon, I don't see why this would need to be reduced even further.
  4. Compare the Liberator to a AC-130.
    Providing Fire Support from high above for ground troops. Fairly vunerable to air attacks.

    Compare the ESF to a SuperCobra in plane form.
    Providing aircover and strafing runs to support infantry.

    So , which one whould be the most logical to give rocketspods?
    The ESF >> Devs did this.

    System is completely fine the way it is. Skyguard can not kill ESF but keep them from the area.
    Few more AA can destroy them.
    Just as intended.
  5. lol you sir are an idiot, you just compared your ESF to a Helo-copter. IF u want big guns on a fighter then your fighter should be unable to dogfight, id say a good cruise speed for any ESF with rocketpods and hover frame should be around 80KM/H personally with increadly good turning but no ACC or top speed.

    this goes for any ESF regardless of faction. it should be that way to incentivise nub pilots like yourself to either fly A2A or A2G not both.

    but you cant teach stupid.
  6. Well its a chopper with the maneuverability & speed of jet
    While still being able to hover & fire heavy A2G weapons like the Cobra

    Would like to see a minimum speed needed for being able to fire rocket pods.
    This way the attack style would be more about strafing runs instead of this low speed hovering to farm tanks & inf
  7. Well if we're bringing real world into this (not that we should) the Skyguard is probably closest to the ZSU-23-4 which is supposed to be deadly/problematic for helicopters (ESFs in your comparison) so they should probably be more effective than keeping them from the area.

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