Exploiting/Hacking Account Termination Notification [Incident: 121126-002603]

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by RDP_Fuzion, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. Legitsu

    ill be blunt son no amount of FOV is gonna let you beat me get on my level the fact that you are sitting here attempting to tell me that FOV is a Advantage means you are still pretty green when it comes to your FPS-FU
  2. Legitsu

  3. TSR-MattG Customer Service

    Again I will re-iterate that at this time *No program which modifies the game in any way, shape, or form is allowed* - use of such programs will likely result in a termination of your account access AKA a ban.

    Some users were released as I said for using a FOV increase - they were *not* told to continue using it, quite the opposite - that they should not use such programs or they would face disciplinary action again.

    This is really not up for debate. If you use 3rd party tools to modify your game you will face disciplinary action, unless such modifications are prior approved.
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  4. Miyoko

    You guys are really lucky you might get unbanned.

    Like they said, any code changes to the client is bannable, that's the case for every single SoE game I played since day 1.

    Especially an injector, jesus.
  5. DonnyD.

    Your logic is fail the FOV needs to be increased at these resolutions so the entire screen is displayed. I have no screen shots but think about what you see of your gun when you are not ADS. You see your hands on the gun, without the fix I see no hands on my gun, because it is cut off by the FOV, and cannot see 75% of the screen because the FOV is borked.
  6. Gary

    So if were both stood hiding in corners of a room. Your FOV is set to maximum via ingame menu options and your looking at the door awaiting someone to come in whilst covering as much as possible with your peripheral vision.

    I however am in the same room but just out of your peripheral vision but because i have a higher FOV i can see you in the corner of my srceen and you cant see me. Even if i turn on the spot to shoot you this does not make me appear on your screen. There you go i killed you due to my FOV advantage.
  7. DonnyD.

    The difference between flawless widescreen / sweetfx and hacks is that FW/SFX do not try to hide what they are doing the way hacks do, and are easily tracable.
  8. Scott Daedaelus

    I think this is outstanding actually, my biggest fear of this game was the hacks getting out of control like almost every other F2P game out there. Im glad to hear not only are they slamming the hackers but slamming the 3rd party programs that get out of control as-well. MattG is overwolf safe to use? I have not used it on ps2 yet but i want to make sure its not going to get me nailed.
  9. Gary

    No 3rd party program is safe to use unless they state it as been safe. Contact support ask them. They may look into it for you.
  10. TSR-MattG Customer Service

    I can't really say Scott - I'm not familiar with the program, and not the one in charge of testing such things - I did do a quick test for TS/Vent/Mumble earlier since literally thousands of players will use those programs with their overlay features, but I can't give you a solid yes/no there.
  11. DonnyD.

    Your posts about the users using flawless widescreen are a bit wishy washy. For the sake of clarification, are ALL flawless widescreen users who were affected by this ban going to be unbanned? Provided of course they did not use the program to change anything other then FOV.
  12. Skid

    Yello, I'm the guy that made the Flawless Widescreen plugin for PlanetSide 2, and first off, my personal apologises for anyone that got banned as a result of using the plugin. Secondly please don't get annoyed at SOE for this, all they are doing is trying stop people cheating in the game by hacking the program.

    Basically this is what happened, the plugin I made changes 3 bytes of program code, not just variables it literally changes 3 bytes of program code to code that does nothing, this code is responsible for the FoV limit which is why I removed it. Now the most resent patch added in a client side integrity check that scan the program for modifications and bans anyone modifying the client, this is not unusual behaviour and this behaviour was why I took a while to implement the fix because modifiying the client is very much a last resort. Anyway point is the plugin changes the program code, and the client nows make sures its program code isn't changed and bans people if it is, its perfectly reasonable for SOE to do this.

    What matters is they are unbanning people who where caught out by this and have said they will work on fixing multi-monitor support. Again, my apologises if this ended up effecting you.

    If you need any help or information regarding Flawless Widescreen or the plugin feel free to ask me or HaYDeN, HaYDeN makes the program itself, and I made the plugin/fix for PlanetSide 2. Both of us will be happy to help as the tool gives us an interim fix until the developers can fix the issue themselves.
  13. TSR-MattG Customer Service

    Donny D. - if you're banned you should contact support. I was under the impression initially that folks using flawless widescreen initially were released with a warning but if this is not the case we'll discuss things with users on an individual basis.

    @Skid I appreciate your post - and would point out that the program I was quoted discussing in your post was regarding the graphical modifications provided by SweetFX
  14. Roidster

    seriously Gary,you could say the same thing about net code ,your ping is better then mine,there for you have a advantage over me,by seeing and shooting me faster then i can

    get used to it,multi monitors is the future of PC gaming,the only thing PC gamers have over console gamers now,so instead of being the last of the cool kids that have multi monitors you may want to look into it,and if its not for you then stop coming and complaining about it

    multi monitor users are growing in size,and 90% of racing and flight sim gamers are using multi monitors,thats how i got into multi monitors,was from iRacing race simulator,and avid gamers dont always play just one style of game as in FPS only games
  15. Mayjori

  16. Skid

    @TSR-Mattg, Arr that's probably where some of the confusion in the thread is coming from, SweetFX doesn't touch the games FoV and you effectively referred to white listing it in the same sentence as the FoV fix. So it reads as if your talking about white-listing the FoV fix.
  17. TSR-MattG Customer Service

    Actually neither is okay at the moment, but the FOV fix is being looked at by management/dev, SweetFX will likely never be okay.
  18. Gary

    The point im making is people are using a 3rd party program to enable this and been allowed to retrieve there accounts with the possibilty of this been white listed. Despite it using injection and manipulation. thus granting them an advantage that others who dont use this software cant get. Yet they out right people cannot use sweetFX. which is what annoyed me the most. That and people saying they dont get an advantage from increasing the FOV beyond the games allowance.
  19. RadarX Community Relations

    This section of the forums is not for the debate over injectors. If you have a concern regarding a suspension I encourage you to contact Customer Service who is happy to assist. If you are not currently suspended or having technical issues, please proceed to the appropriate section of the forums. Thank you.
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