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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by AdennTM, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. No I don't know how to report players ingame so I'm just saying it here.

    Falisofan on miller server has an invulnerability hack and (perhaps) aimbot. Shot an entire mag of the T5-AMC into him when he was afk at point blank and 1 more of the standard TR Repeater pistol. Then he got back and ran away while I was still shooting an pursuing him. He turned around at one point and basicly insta killed me.

    Honestly I'm baffled that there are hackers this early in the games life (hell there were hackers in Beta). SOE, I'm not mad but you seriously need to do something about this.
  2. /report playername or Support then ask for help and submit a ticket whilst in game i hope that helps ya. Soe is no fan of naming and shaming players witch is a shame but we need to 100% wright before hand
  3. No surprise.
    I got called cheater/hacker in pretty much every shooter i played seriously in the last decade, including PS2.
    And usually i did not even need to play very good for it too.
    The same goes for a lot of other players i know, that leads me to the conclusion that about 95% of the people that claim to have seen a cheater just saw a person that played better, a bug, or misjudged the situation.
  4. I got called a hacker for capturing a point. I was in a tree above the point just in range and people couldn't see me. So they reported me :L
  5. Spizer on waterson had an invulnerability hack. Was able to hit him with a scythes rocket pods, but tried twice as infantry to fight him. Every time I fought him when he was a heavy infantry his shield would go up and I couldn't hit him. Shots would all go right through and no hits.
    Was only able to kill him when he got in a max to fight my scythe.
    Reported, but figured since the /report feature has no way to list what the hacks they are using are would come here and leave the details.
  6. They just jealous cause they don't take the time to look for other discreet ways of capping a point.

    I always try to see how far away I can be from the point to cap it then find a not-so-obvious location within range to hide.
  7. Maybe he upgraded his Armor all the way up to GOD MODE? :D
  8. anything that happens on miller.. i would not scream hack the server is just plain wrong

    frankly with people warping and things just going pop in the night

    the server is fubar

    +naming and shaming is not the way forward bro
  9. There's a bug where sometimes your bullets don't hit people yet theirs still hit you. Just FYI

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