Favorite NC Weapon?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gambles, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Just wondering what some people's favorite weapons are for the various's classes? or do you have one in particular that you think is the best? or your personal favorite?

    I really haven't come across a weapon yet I could call my favorite, I guess I'm using the GD-22S a lot but it's definitely not my ideal weapon. Close enough for now though :)
  2. TR NS11 is the only good weapon available to NC. The rest of NC weapons are under-performers compared to TR/VS
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  3. Because of lower recoil or? I haven't used that weapon yet.
  4. GD-7F All day erry day. No point using anything else, ever.

    Laughable that it kills faster than any of the heavy assault weapons.
  5. I heard it's pretty hard to conrtol though -_- lol
  6. The only weapons NC have been using is the TEAR-9000. Available to all standard NC forum posters.
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  7. It's not TR.. it's NS.
  8. The one that doesn't have recoil *smug face*
  9. Nah, that's a myth, not sure why so many people mention that as an issue. Unless you are terrible, the recoil is easily manageable.
  10. Disagree.. Just takes more learning time to use effectively.

    Personally loving the AA-X11 Carbine, the LA80 bolt action, and the GR-22 assault rifle. Working on gearing out a Gauss Compact S for long range fights for my engineer.
  11. this weapon here clearly needs a nerf.
  12. Which one is that again? buying the sc now lol
  13. LA80, one of the few weapons that are actually amazingly good for NC (and equally one of only a handful that shoot straight).
  14. I really like the engineer one that came with the alpha squad unlock, had lots of kills with it, and the standard NC LMG is great.
  15. Oh the jackhammer is such a joke, I miss the one from ps1
  16. Standard NC LMG great? LOL
    Standard NC LMG is the worst in PS2 Fact.
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  17. I would like to see them do what they did in PS1 .... make it to where you can swap out your gun with one on a enemys corpse.
  18. Probably the inevitable changes incoming due to sheer volume of ********.

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