FNO: October 26th, 2012

Discussion in 'Friday Night Ops' started by Luperza, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. As the sig maker, I say thanks! We think it captures his more charming side :p.

    <3 Whiskey.
  2. What is Friday night ops? xD
  3. DVS eh, Cool. I'm still waiting to see what the DD bring to the table, but at least it's another NC outfit.

    Good luck guys.

    And Congrats on the Tournament win.
  4. thanks man
  5. Was pretty good tonight. I liked the tandem commentary with the free cam. And also this proves that with better incentives to fight over a facility there can be better large scale combined arms fights. Now if only you guys can do these streams all day everyday we'll be in business :D
  6. Did NC finally took the crown or whut?
    I was a little bit bored and I didn't watch the end :)
  7. ok
  8. Rak

    I happened to be in the area when that epic galaxy mass suicide swarm hit, and captured it from another angle on my live stream. Enjoy!
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  9. Why is it I can never watch the catch ups on Twitch without the video buffering every second? I'm on a 20MB line and it'll play a second the pause for two, play a second then pause for two ad infinitum! Holy Christ it's doing ma hed in!
  10. Rak

    Combined my own footage with the Friday Night Ops footage so everyone can see both angles at once
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  11. Another great video. The Scythe's in this video were brought to you by The Enclave. This video itself though is not mine. One of the DVS guys recorded this video.

  12. Made a ton of money that night...

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  13. So many Galaxies...
  14. Hehe... yea TR :)
  15. Gotta love that everyone thinks the TR organized the Mass Sardus Gals...
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  16. Haha, yup..
  17. Don't **** with the sardus gal bomb rush >.>

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