For the LAST TIME, scythes ARE NOT maneuverable

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  1. ^ Yes.

    The only dedicated Mattherson NC pilot is see is ThundaHawk but I see tons of TR that seem to only play in their vehicles (either dedicated Mossie or dedicated Prowler hobos).
  2. Scythe has no landing gear= doesn't snag itself on terrain skimming, which is a solid % of my deaths

    Scythe rocket pods are the most viable A2A by a fair margin, used to give them unfair burst damage with the refire glitch
  3. If you think Scythes are not maneuverable then you are flying them wrong. I'm not even that good of a pilot, but I can throw a Scythe around pretty well.
    I don't know about the Reaver, because I have never tried it. I have tried the Mossie in VR though and it's just as maneuverable. The Mossie seems a lot less twitchy than the Scythe, when you throw it around, it's easier to control.

    It seems the Scythes perk is it's a ability to hover and the Mossies perk is it's better stability.

    As for Lolpods though, the Mossies lolpods have a much higher rate of fire than the Scythes and they seem to have more spread as well.
  4. I've flown a Scythe (level 3 racer, level 3 hover, level 2 dogfight) for 107 hours. While it is maneuverable, the stock Mossie does indeed feel more maneuverable.
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  5. [IMG]

    and then comes the reaver!
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  6. exactly
  7. Yep honestly the simple fact that they can come down and swoop across the ground or landing pad and not take damage while killing infantry...

    It automatically makes it OP right this whole thread is now invalid.
  8. Jrv

    It has the ability to hover, it's incredibly stable so accuracy is higher, Dual Photon Pods, its frame is hard to shoot and easy to fit into tight places, and it can stop on a dime, which, if you've seen any dogfighting movies/documentaries, you know is an extreme advantage.
  9. I just went and played on me BR 4 NC last night and was playing with my completely stock reaver lol, it amazed me how much easier it is to hit ESF's(especially scythes) with the nose gun and how much simple it is to dogfight. Maybe it's just the feel of more traditional aircraft, but it seemed like I was lining up targets alot easier than I normally would in my scythe. Scythe may be the best A2G ESF, but it severely lacks in dogfights in comparison to the mosquito or reaver IMO
  10. The Mosquito can turn around instantly in a way that a Scythe never can, even with max dogfighting frame. This makes any dogfight against a good Mossie pilot hell, because he can face you in a third of the time it takes you to wrench your Scythe all the way around to face him (even with every pitch + thruster + yaw trick in the book).

    And people who say that landing a Scythe is easy have never had their blades get caught in terrain. The damn thing also loves sliding away from where you've parked it unless the surface was completely flat.
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  11. Wasn't there a pretty big post a few days ago that posted the numerical values of all the ESFs, which indicated that they're not the same?

    No idea about what was better for which one, but each time I pull a Scythe I'm amazed at how easy it is to manoeuvre, mostly because of the airbrakes.
  12. Yes.
  13. You should find some esf handling stats... They show that the only thing Scythe have is better Airbrakes ... and 5% better AD movement...
    So in terms of esf traits and weapon systems
    a2a Mossie > Reaver >Scythe
    A2g Scythe=Mossie>Reaver
    In the hands of good pilot..
  14. Scythe is the worst of the 3 to use for dogfights... hands down... best A2G though...
  15. I never, on no Server i play on, met a truly good and dedicated Scythe Pilot. You meet dedicated and very good Mossi + Reaver Pilots all over the Place.
    I can only assume that there is something to them that good pilots like.

    On Cobalt where i play the most i can surly say that VS does not even has near as much dedicated pilots as TR or NC.
    I spent not a small amount of time piloting on all my accounts.
    I can say that i see Reavers and Mossis doing this crazy "instaturn-spins" and this "perfect sideway movement with full speed" all the time on cobalt. i never saw a Scythe do this what every good Reaver or Mossi Pilot seems to do all the time.
    I don´t know if a Scythe just can´t do it or if its just harder to do, with a Reaver with Hover3 i can at least do the insta Flip much ´closer to what i see others doing, also the sideway movement is lots easyer to do... as is flying backwards... basicly every advanced manuver feels a hell lot of easier to pull off in a Reaver.

    Did not fly a Mossi all that long.
  16. It has airbrakes and a lack of falling momentum.
  17. pretty much this^
  18. falling momentum was increased significantly in GU05

    I now have to hold down the spacebar in all dogfights

  19. As a Scythe pilot, I agree with this statement! I love being able to slip through narrow spaces and the Scythe lets me do this without having to worry about my tail catching on something and spinning me out of control. I have used Mosquitos and Reavers enough to know that the tail fin can be annoying at times.

    If you simply want to turn faster, try using the Hover Frame to drop speed quickly; this will allow you to turn around faster. The increased vertical thrust is fairly useful as well.

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