For the love of god WHAT NOW!

Discussion in 'Account and Billing Support' started by Jin Shepard, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Jin Shepard

    Tried playing today;


    Your account has been banned. Please contact Customer Support.

    First I loose all the dubble XP time during christmas because my account was banned due to payment not getting through and no warning whatsoever, just instant banned, now again banned, with my XP boost ticking, WHY NOW FFS! So sick and tired of this, I have played MMO's since EVE Online Launch and I have never ever been banned, played this for beta and since release for 2(3?) months and banned twice, whats the freaking deal here!?
    (thread from first ban )

    Ticket number #130125-000380

    I have never HACKED, CHEATED etc. My patience in this game is running very very thin.
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  2. Gary

    Perhaps you used SweetFX or some other 3rd party program perhaps something that allows bigger resolutions for multi monitor support. These programs have been deemed bannable unless they are white listed.

    If you had one of these programs before and then removed them maybe you left a file behind that the launcher is flagging to the team that manages these bans. I would uninstall Planetside 2 then check the folders left behind if anything is left delete them to.

    For me when SweetFX was made bannable i uninstalled and reinstalled to be on the safe side, After uninstalling all the SweetFX files are left behind in the games directory.

    This sounds like a carry on but best be on the safe side!

    You should also submit a ticket to the support team. This can be done via the link in my signature. Make sure you include any information you think may be needed and possibly info to prove ownership of the account. Hope this gets resolved quickly for you!
  3. Arctic Fighter

    That's ridiculous
  4. Jin Shepard

    PS2 is completely clean. Last night I only flew in a liberator so I did nothing in game that could have caused this thing.
  5. Dovahkiin

    This is why you may have been banned:
    • Teamkilling
    • Further teamkilling
    • Flipping over friendly vehicles
    • Further teamkilling
    • Suspected hacking
    • Exploiting (without knowning?)
    • Further teamkilling
    • Going on insane killstreak without dying (suspected cheating)
  6. TSR-Jesse S Customer Service

    As this is an account related issue, you'll need to correspond with our Enforcers thru that ticket, that's your best bet for a resolution.
  7. Jin Shepard

    Its yet another instant ban for something to do with payment, why dont SoE give the option to the player/user to fix it first before instant banning, having to wait again for ticket support, let alone the countless other people making tickets, giving the option to users first helps all of us. ( this time quick..)
  8. VelcroPudding

    Well, I think we have found the problem. . .
  9. L0st0ne

    i have the same problem and started a thread but nothing happens
  10. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    Jesse's right. The only way to progress this issue is through our ticketing system. Please contact the enforcers so they can further assist you.

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