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  1. Intel I5 2500/3570's are quite common for gamers and do not use core parking.. so it won't do anything for those. I believe the I7's use it but it would likely only make a difference on older Intel cpu's as the new ones seem to do rather well with power management options like core parking.

    Also I was watching the CPU usage in performance monitor and only one core is spiking while PS2 is active. At least on my system which for reference has an Intel I5 3570k in it. I know my AMD FX 8120 has core parking but I don't have PS2 installed on that machine currently.
  2. Huh, maybe I'll try!

    *goes into CCC*

    *Morpholocial Filtering is already off*

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  3. AMD FX8120 @3100 here, and with your trick I didn't notice any difference: frame rate is still 60+ then dropping to 30 in large battles, all details maxed. I just have the impression that the game runs a little smoother but frame rate tells nothing has changed.
  4. I think I'll be alright with my 100-120 FPS, specs below..:p
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  5. Well i woulnt wanna use programs that has spelling errors. Besides i dont think its usable on intel CPUs with HT, since all the HT cores are parked and the real cores are unparked.
  6. Helped me out a bit still get 20 fps but at least I don't get <13 anymore.
  7. The same can be achieved by going to control panel, power options and selecting high performance. No need to mess with registry settings of other power plans designed to reduce power usage.
  8. Core i5 - didn't notice any difference.
  9. Actually this didn't help me out at all. Still the same fps
  10. i have mine on high performance and my cores were still parked.
  11. The devs have stated that it supports multi-threading.

    And btw, it seems that i5's aren't getting hardly any increase, if any. For some it works, for others no.

    You won't see an increase until you're in a fight, and if it doesn't INCREASE then it may not DECREASE as badly as it was previously.
  12. Do you think it will make a difference on these specs ?
    6 gb
    Intel BD960 Dual Core 2.2 ghz
    64 bit system
    AMD Radeon HD 6470M[IMG]
    If anyone could suggest any way of improving the performance on these specs (Ive already reduced the graphics to their absoulute bare minimum), I'd be very grateful.
  13. It increased mine by a few fps (i5-2520m 3.2Ghz Dual core with HT)
    Not as much as I would like.

    So it should work for anything with HT right? the reason i7s and i3s would work but i5s dont?
  14. Game is unplayably jittery, im like fodder:(
    Q9550 processor
    6gb ram
    Gtx 550 ti graphics card
  15. AMD Phenom x4 9600b ~2.3ghz oc/2.62ghz
    4gb ram

    went from around 25-30fps on low at warp gate to around +60fps. I'd say it helped a lot at least at the warp.

    Will see if there's an improvement in big fights later. Usually get around 10fps in a large battle.

  16. amd fx 4170 - quad core 4.21
    16gb ram
    radeon hd 7800

    ~25fps in a big fights. Its sucks.
  17. pure awesomeness :) went from 8FPS to 35FPS ... not amazing but definitely playable now

    had to do it all trough
    -unpark all cores
    -disabled AA in nvidia control panel
    -forced GPU for physics in nvidia control panel

    q9550 + GTX650ti (had 60FPS in the beta on all max and 1900x1000)
  18. Lol, yeah I always had mine on since I never saw it affect my GPU usage in any game I tested it in. In this case, must be because of their type of AA they use for the game, doesn't work well with Morphological Filtering.

    MF should be off by default unless changed by the user, just in case if anyone else is thinking about trying. But, doesn't hurt to look I suppose.
  19. Just went to the crown, getting 20fps now instead of 5. Definitely helped tons.

    If I turn my graphics up to medium, it will still run around 20fps but it no longer says CPU, now it says GPU, so I'm guessing if I upgrade my GPU now, i'll probably have smooth sailing.
  20. Seems to have helped me as well. i7 930

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