FPS FIX Come One, Come All!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by Skizerz, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Wow. Holy ****.

    I tried this thinking it would not have any noticeable difference at all. Right away, it showed definite improvement; the game loaded in like 3 seconds flat. From double-clicking to character selection, just BAM.

    Things are loading in much more quickly, and the overall performance is lightning fast. I am hoping this also improves a lot of my other games as well.
  2. Noted your FPS from your above post.
    What settings do you play on?
  3. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge on this subject, but what does AA stand for?
  4. 0 FPS increase here. got around 120 at a empty warpgate with everything on ultra.

    i7 920 @4GHZ
  5. Anti-Aliasing
  6. I have a AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE CPU and i don't want crash my PC or something.
    Can I use it without having fear?
  7. this only applies to i3/i5/i7 CPU's. if you have less than 4 physical cores this won't help you anways, so really this is only for i5/i7's. i used this back with bf3 and it helped me then. in ps2 i've never seen my fps dip below 60 during massive battles - 2500k @ 4.5ghz
  8. This really seems fishy to me.
  9. I had three cores parked and I tried this yesterday. I didn't really notice any difference. It could be that PS2 just doesn't really utilize the number of cores I have enough to make a difference.
  10. It applies to a lot of AMD CPUs as well, not just Intel.

    I can confirm that in Win8, it was parking my cores during gameplay with an 1100T. With this off, it does not.

    you may not experience a giant FPS difference, but you WILL experience a reduction in Stuttering.
  11. i5 3750k oc to 4.2 MhZ. Dont think I saw any difference.
  12. Worked for me (on my older Phenom x4 9600). I was able to gain an extra 10 FPS all around.
  13. actually this is almost all for amd cpus, not as much for intel.

    The guy worried about crashing his computer, this has the biggest effect on phenom processors, do it. it doesnt crash anything.
  14. My cores are not parking so i can't use this... i have bad FPS forever :\
    But thank you.
  15. do you think thats your CPU giving you that or your GPU because I have a 3570K and I heard that its almost the same as the 3770K minus the hyperthreading
  16. I did not get much of an FPS boost... maybe a couple. HOWEVER, I do believe there is less stuttering.

  17. Yeah I was at 60 FPS at the warp gate, down to 15 in firefights, stuttering down to <10 in heavier situations. Now I'm at the same FPS, except I don't see those sudden drops into the sub 10 FPS range. I do however still drop down as low as 15 in some congested situations, but without the stuttering, even that low of an FPS feels playable and I still feel competitive where before a single stutter would get me killed and leave me feeling like shutting the game down and reading a book.

    It'll do for now, that's for sure, it has certainly helped to keep my interest in this game alive.

  18. I did not notice a "noticeable" FPS increase while playing PS2.
    Before at the WG it hung around 28-32, now, it still hangs around 28-32

    For any wondering I have an AMD Phenom 9750 x4 2.4Ghz
    If for any reason my FPS DOES end up increasing, i will note it in this thread. Thanks for the help anyways.
  19. This application doesn't do anything for me, it just says 'searching' and then stops working.

    Thing that bums me out is that I have an AMD Phenom Quad-Core processor and I'm pretty sure my cores are parked, application just doesn't do any good.

    Can anyone offer me any help? I'm running Vista and most of the online documentation isn't of any help for me at all since it's for Windows 7-8.

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