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  1. Hrm, I'll take a look at this when I get home.

    I'll put my settings on Medium to make sure everything is doing what it's meant to.

    Also I'll check that antiailiasing thing in CCC too.

    Cheers guys, didn't even think of most of this. :)


    Renderflore=On <-Change this bstard to OFF
  2. I'm guessing CPU's helping but definitely GPU, I was running an 8600GT on same system before I got my GTX and I was only getting about 30fps and about 12 in heated battles. Now 100+ (I've even seen it flash up to 140 at times) and about 70 in very dense battles. Just changed my settings to ultra and it's dropped by about 10fps, still totally fine.

  3. [IMG]
  4. I looked around on the internet and found repeated instances mentioning that VISTA had parking as well as windows 7 and MANY sites stating they had info or solutions for VISTA. FOR VISTA. none of them did. nowhere on the internet can i find any information on parking multicores in vista besides that it does. no information on how to disable it, or check its status ON VISTA. not 7.
  5. i7 2600k at 4.3GHz no difference after unparking
  6. how well will this work on my AMD phenom II 6x?
  7. Worked pretty well for me. Was getting much more stuttering and < 10 FPS during battles and typically 30-40. I'm seeing little if any stuttering now and >= 30 FPS now. I'm running mostly on HIGH with an AMD FX 6100 6-core processor...3 of them were parked :-( and a GTX 660 Ti. I may still upgrade my CPU after this.
  8. I5 3570K @ 4.2Ghz No difference noted after unparking
  9. Anyone else who have had trouble downloading this?

    I can access the source code files, but the executable files just give me a blank screen.
  10. I just Downloaded it, try it again they may be experiencing heavy traffic hahaha.

    Ok I've read all 5 pages of this thread...mixed reults..I will cross my fingures and try this out tonight once I am home. I will shart my self if it works!

    AMD XT 1100 X6
    2 EVGA 680 GTX in SLI
    Asus Crosshair V mobo
    Gskill 16gb of ram
    CM 1200watt PSU
    2 - 256GB (approx) SSD
    1TB WD Black HDD for storage
    CM HAF X 942 case (like that mattters but it does keep the system nice and cool)
    No OC'd parts period all stock speeds.

    avg 30 FPS with lows in the teens during battles and of course the 2 FPS occasional drops....Crazy to see some players reporting 100+ FPS lol....I have Vsync on so 100 is not going to happen but hell I can't get above 40 FPS looking straight up at the blank sky heh.
  11. Running a Q9550 @ 3.4Ghz. It said all 4 cores were parked, unparked them and no noticeable increase in FPS. I find this performance strange, because during the beta I could run everything on Max and get at least 40 frames even in intense battles. Now, if there's more than 10 people on screen, I drop to the 40's, and in any major battles I'm getting mid-20's. What's weirdest of all is that setting my graphics to Low, and lowering the rendering quality all the way to 50%, I'm not getting any noticeable FPS increase. So I get the same FPS at Low graphics as I do on Max. My CPU/GPU usage stays at about 30%/60%, respectively in major battles, yet my GPU usage is near 100% when I'm alone.

    Q9550 @ 3.4Ghz
    GTX 570 Superclocked
    8GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600mhz
  12. Did not improve performance at all surprisingly.
    cpu: amd phenom 2 x4 910 @2.6 ghz
    ram: 8gb ddr3
    gpu: asus radeon 7750 1gb
    Getting 50 at spawn and around 30 in battles.
  13. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2646060

    Is that microsoft hotfix the official one that gets the same thing done? I noticed that hotfix was released before the Vishera (piledriver) CPU's came out. I have an FX-8320 (Vishera) and I am wondering whether I should mess with that hotfix... would I break my physical hardware if something went wrong ??
  14. Guys, you have to understand what this addresses and how it works. Any performance hit comes when the CPU unparks a core, that's where the overhead is as the core enters service. On a lower performance CPU like a Q9550, it may show parked cores in Windows, but when you fire up PS2 those cores probably come into service immediately and STAY in service, since that CPU is working very hard all the time. Something like a high end i7 might see more benefit because there are times in the game where all cores are not needed and get parked, then when they unpark you get hit again.

    I'd guess this is worth doing for all CPUs, but will only help on machines that are not CPU bound.
  15. Forgot to mention, after unparking you have to reset your computer for it to take effect.
  16. I too am having an issue where the program is "Searching Registry" and will not detect anything. I left it this way for nearly 15mins. How long should it take? And is there a fix? I have a similar processor to quite a few people here. AMD Phenom 9600 Quad-Core. Thanks!
  17. well tryed on my i7 and only the hypertheding was parked. i tryed it anyway and seen let little improvement

    when its was parked and playing the game in maxed out big battle. 20% cpu usged with 30 - 45 fps
    when unparked and playing in the same battle maxed out . 30% cpu usged with 45 - 60 fps

    im sorry dev but im not gong to be playing a game that can olny use 30% of my cpu power. ill come back when it can use all. i just cant wait to see it when it does coz the performance difference will probly be off the roof

    i do worry tho coz its sounds to me that the game engine is floored and is a massive job to reright a engine to use muti core. 90% of dev team word not have the time or money or even care. i hope this dev team do?
  18. can i run it on Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz,Gt610m , 8gigs ram 1666mhz? And if yes on what settings? Thanks :Dif i do this cpu trick will it help on my laptop?
  19. dont break your hardware just because SOE messes shi up from time 2 time ;)
  20. amd phenom II x4 955 @3.2ghz
    4gb (2x2) ddr3 gskill 1333

    Dont laugh, its not old, its classic?

    before 15-40 fps, depending on the fight
    now, 20-60 fps so far

    thanks bro

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