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  1. Planetside 2 Players, how would you like a few hundred to a thousand free cert points?

    Now, I know a significant number of people have asked (demanded) that the certification cost be reduced on a number of items. Having some experience as the CEO of a small company myself, however, I'm not so arrogant as to demand SOE change its business model.

    Instead, I propose the following change to the way weapon attachments are handled: Allow weapon attachments to be unlocked in a scripted sequence as a reward for reaching a certain number of kills with each weapon, rather than through cert points. Example: 15 kills = Scope #1; 45 kills = Scope #2; 75 kills = Rail #1; 100 kills = Scope #3; etc.

    This shouldn't impact SOE's business model because you can't use Station Cash to unlock weapon attachments anyways. The sad truth at the moment is the hardcore players only bother certing the couple upgrades that best complement the gun/their playstyle, while the casual players waste a lot of time & effort certing upgrades they don't particularly like or enjoy.

    Each little unlock is pretty inconsequential on its own, but psychologically should be like a drug fix for most players. Only 30 kills 'til the next unlock? I'll just keep playing a little longer... These semi-frequent mini-rewards would help tide people over and maintain their interest between the larger, 1000 cert -type rewards, as well.

    As a completionist myself, the fact that you show a 'percentage complete' bar for every class and weapon is both a blessing and a curse. It could become an addiction to watch those bars progress to 100%, but with Cert prices so high and with so many things to spend them on, the sad truth is I know I'll never reach 100% on anything because there's no point wasting certs on weapon attachments I know I'm never going to use. That's dispiriting more than encouraging.

    What to do with the players that have already bought weapon attachments? Well, refund them their cert points, of course. Depending on how many certs they've spent on attachments, that could be a pretty big present waiting for them after the server reboot... Merry Christmas, everyone! ;)
  2. No... I'd rather earn 100 certs than 500 certs worth of kills if I happen to like a scope way down the list.

  3. Sooooooo, you're saying they need to use the same system as BF3? I prefer the current one since I get to choose what attachments I want and never have to touch the ones I don't want to use.
  4. What about people who like to play support? Folks who currently unlock more of their stuff from XP earned by not killing bad guys?

    XP=Certz=Prizez. It's straightforward and reflects everyone.
  5. I seriously doubt they would set it up to require 1000s of kills to unlock all the attachments (since there's no $ involved). Battlefield 3 can do it with the same number of attachments in ~300 kills, even assuming SOE stretched it out to 500 kills that's only 200 certs' worth (cheaper than a combined scope, rail, & muzzle attachment).

    Okay. You're saying you prefer Call of Duty's system? :rolleyes:

    That's a valid critique. A harsh response would be to say they're not using their gun anyways, so why does it matter? But that's not very nice. I dunno. You could argue it frees up more certs for them to spend on their support abilities/utilities?

    I'm mainly just sad earning an Auraxium Medal with a weapon only nets you enough certs to purchase 1 rail/ammo/muzzle attachment. I just wish there was more of a reward for using a weapon (especially the poorer weapons) than a congratulations symbol next to the weapon that you can't show off to anyone. It would encourage me to play longer and to purchase weapons that maybe aren't the best but at least I'm not sinking certs into them that I want to spend upgrading my vehicles/abilities/utilities/etc.
  6. I don't agree at all.

    I'd give you a reason, but I won't, since you can't seem to accept the other's opinion either.
  7. Firaxin -

    I'm confused by this part of your suggestion:

    I'm certainly not a 'hardcore' player, but I did take a few minutes and research which scope would suit my playstyle and what I wanted to do with the weapon.
  8. Let's not turn this game into CoD, please. I don't want to go through the trouble of unlocking other scopes when I just want the bloody reflex sight.
  9. I'm still using the ironsights on everything but my Carv and MSW-R. MAX certs are so expensive!

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