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Discussion in 'General Technical Support' started by EnforcerTM, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. Everytime I try to start my game it give me this error code... How do I resolve this!

    I have been playing for 3 days with no issue
  2. Read the forums a little more and check the server status before posting a thread with the same concerns.
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  3. This, so many people cant seem to read...
  4. Epic reply thanks for help guys =D !!!!!!
  5. How to Fix: Grab a snack, watch some shows...come back in 30min. If problem still persists check forum for update, if no update is given, watch more shows or play solitaire for a bit. Down times are a FACT of MMO and online play. Get used to it, and learn to find a backup for the minimal wait time.
  6. No kidding...
  7. If you get game ERORR99 you were banned for hacks!
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  8. All you had to tell him was the servers are down. No need to be so snide about it. Congrats on proving the internet is a cesspool of jerks.
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  9. It cant be.We all have the same error.Just server down
  10. Okai,
    thank you for the answers to my question.

    Now it can be closed.
    My problem is: the servers are down.
  11. What do you expect iRhuel... most people here have no lives and think everyone can just read the forums for 30 mins or more.
    It actually took longer to type "Servers down"
    I would expect nothing less.. most forums now days are gamers that have bad attitudes, no respect, or in general are just ****** bags
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  12. Most people in general, not just gamers. Gamers need to stop giving gamers a bad rep.
  13. a good site to have on had is
    this will tell you the statis of all servers, now remember that you do not see all these servers when you make a toon, some are private, some are not, so look for your server, in aus, the only server we see (that i know of) is briggs, so im always looking for the statis if that server...
    and i agree with what was said befor, no need to be hard ***'s and trolls, remember you were a noob at something at one point
  14. Anyone still experiencing this? Says the servers are up but every time it loads to 15% and kicks out the G99 code; I know I've had a bunch of problems with my internet connection here, could this error relate to a blocked port issue?
  15. I have had a persistent G99 error when trying to log in for the last few days but can't figure out how to fix it. Played fine in beta and up until a few days ago.
  16. This. I came here asking the same question. I'm completely new (I was even kicked off a squad for being a "cheater" when I shot at a friendly tank because it didn't look Vanu, haha).

    Like most new players, I'm just fumbling around, with just a vague idea of how things work. The error doesn't specify WHY like other MMOs do, instead just throwing out an ominous "G99". So how are we to know that it was really just your run-of-the-mill server downtime?

    Anyway, thank you for the rest who gave helpful answers.
  17. he's right :DD

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