GG no longer means "good game"...

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  1. It actually means "get good"

    Think about it, that is exactly what they are truly saying when they say GG..."good game" is just the sarcastic surface meaning....dig to the true meaning and you will find that they truly are telling you to "get good"

    Just know that when you see GG you will now only hear them telling you to get good...which shouldn't grind your gears as much as "good game" would since you know they are just telling you to get good which is blunt and not covered in sarcasm so ya. If that helps.
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  2. Just shows how pitiful the younger generations of kids have become if that is true. Makes me sad that my generation became such crappy parents.
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  3. I think you may be reading too much into things.
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  4. Some times GG is sincere but ya...if you get dominated and you hear is the sarcastic version
  5. It's only used sarcastically if used in that particular context. If I where to be spawn camped by 100/1 and die every time, of course if someone types GG it's sarcastic. However, when your in those tower fights and the battle lasts 10-20 minutes, when someone says GG at the final seconds you can bet they mean it sincerely.
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  6. i'd say GOOD GAME even if i were utterly dominated, because it's funnier than get good :D

    like, ok you totally annihilated this, well played!

    p.s. backf1re stop posting before me!!111!1
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  7. I say GG when anyone puts up a good fight. If we win or lose.
    Everyone i know does too.
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  8. If you want to be sarcastic there are far more effective ways to do so than by typing gg I think.
  9. Perhaps that is true but then, sarcasm is sarcasm. Anything positive, like "good game" is supposed to be, said sarcastically or used ironically is insulting. If someone says "gg" over chat, even if they are being sarcastic, it is far better than a lot of the other filth some people type. Still, I can empathize with the OP in that there is shockingly little good sportsplayership in the game.

    My advice and my response is to make it a point to do certain things in game:

    1) Learn to use "v1" and "v8" or perhaps even macro them- use them often and when appropriate. Ex. Medic hits you with a heal-beam (even if you do not need it) "Tango Mike". Ex. You mistake a friendly and hit them with a quick burst of friendly fire "my bad".

    2) When you take out an ally with friendly fire, or accidentally run them over, "/tell [DeadAlliesName] Sorry- there was an enemy right on your back". If it is still a truly heated moment you can finish what you are doing but I will often stop in my tracks and send this kind of personal reply even if it means dying myself.

    3) If you have a good duel or think you have someone but they turn the tides on you, try not to get upset, blame the game, call them a hacker, etc. Take a moment and try to be proud of them for taking out you of all people (such a mighty warrior). Then, "/tell [EnemyThatKilledMe] Nice moves I thought I had you there".

    4) If you see a particularly neat stunt or skill displayed by someone- even your enemies- try to remember it and /tell them you saw what they just did and got a kick out of it.

    True, many times you may not get a response and they may not see the message and there are times where everything happens so fast you miss the name of the person and cannot /tell and send them a message but even still you will probably be surprised how much more enjoyable this makes the game for you and the people who play with you (ally and enemy alike).
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  10. Day9's pet peeve:

    G. G.
  11. I for one use GG as it was intended, the word noob was invented to p*ss ppl off if needed ;)
  12. After a nice game of Dota etc etc, GG means good game...but it basically is get good in most contexts, based on the jerks saying it.
  13. Sounds like some extrapolations of deep rooted insecurity in ones said...skillz :3. Next it'll be "GR no longer means Good Round but that the players are growling at you."
  14. Saying Good Game in a sarcastic context is more insulting/funnier than saying get good. Just saying.
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  15. idk, sounds more like someone just got sick of all the meanness thrown around in what is supposed to be an enjoyable game. It is even possible they were mistaken and the person was really being genuine but with all the negativity they became sensitized to perceive it sarcastically.
  16. I know a lot of people use GG as a back handed gesture. I know i use it and any faction who steam rolls usually yells GG in chat... I seriously can't be the only who hears the obnoxious version.
    Ya i know im saying to those on the receiving end of it...and of course i just thought it interesting how GG can mean two different things but in actuality end up meaning the same.
  17. I can agree if you were talking about "wp". But at least if I say GG I mean it. Unless I add a LOL after it.
  18. Grenade x2 for roflspam.
  19. On Miller, if you are VS or TR it means Get Goon :D

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