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  1. This may sound a bit off (that's why i put it in the off topic section) but since there are many sites out there that do pretty impressive giveaways why not share the ones we know about here ? That way we can all benefit i think. However i don't know if that goes against SOE forums policy (perhaps considered as advertising?).
    Input anyone ?
  2. By "sites" do you mean twitch channels and player competitions? If you know some that aren't trying to give you malware, I doubt the devs will be bothered. A lot of twitch streamers tend to do giveaways regularly and the devs seem to support them.
  3. Several manufacturers giveaway products in their Facebook or Twitter pages if you like/follow them.
    Also many review sites do the same. That's why i don't know if the mods will see it as something bad.
  4. I think they'd be ok with it, but you could try contacting support with an example if you're worried about it. Only sure way to get a response.
  5. SOE does a weekly sweep on facebook, regularly check the fb feed on forum main page. prizes vary from 1000 SC to 3000SC
  6. I am not talking about 5-10$ giveaways, for me that's not even worth participating for.

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