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  1. For those of you who have the GR-22 (NC only), does the foregrip seem to do much for you? I've tested it and it doesn't seem to do much really.
  2. forward grip is supposed to make the gun more accurate at long range :/
  3. The description says it's meant to reduce horizontal recoil during sustained fire, which doesn't seem to do much; I tested it 5 times in a row with and without grip.
  4. This gun doesn't have alot of side to side sway when firing, that's why. The NS11-A on the other hand... but yeah, not useful on the GR-22.
  5. well if these charts are true... the gr22 has a h-recoil of , ← 29.775 , 40.225 →. wich is quite much.
  6. I'll just re post this:

  7. well then there it is. i thought same for the ns11a. but my screenshot-key doesnt work so i have no proof, but yeah its the same thing no difference at slose to medium range.

    maybe it has some effect at long range but i cant check that cause at 30+ meters the bullets dont leave any decals

  8. You can clearly see that the first 5-6 bullets in the first picture are more vertical than in the second. You're not meant to drop the hammer like that, so if you ignore the last half of the magazine, the bullets are tightened up slightly.

    I don't see any downside to using a foregrip. To me it tightens up the spread by about 15% which is worth it as you're probably not missing out on anything by not equipping the foregrip (except 100 certs).
  9. Just an addendum for full disclosure:

  10. Hm... I didn't notice too much difference with the foregrip as well...but that goes for all weapons where I have tried it.
  11. ok
    i've done some testing:


    ok so after this u can tell that there is a difference. its a bit tighter, especially for the last 10 rounds.
    but its not that big, at least for close range. but if u think that as further the bullet travels tho more wider is the spread. so at long ranges it makes a difference. its rather smal but there is one.
  12. and i think, at longer range it´s important to be as accurate as even possible
  13. Im pretty torn between the two, i love the GR-22 but the ns-11 it gaining on me. after seeing this kinda makes me want to go ns-11 since the gr-22 is only feasible close range it seems. Ns-11 seems more mod able for longer ranges
  14. well thats not entirely true... i dont see why the "22 cant be used for ranged combat.the only downside is the RoF that makes the recoil hard to handle. but it has about the same spread
  15. You don't need a foregrip if your good at recoil control, just look at RivaLxfactors vid on the AF-14 torrent (same guns as gr-22) take note that this was before the CQC weapons patch buff, after the buff this gun was great even at longer ranges.
  16. No amount of recoil control skill will overcome horizontal recoil, which is why the foregrip is valued far more than the compensator.
  17. The foregrip seems useful for the default gauss rifle, but it has a strong unbalanced pull right of .3 according to the stats. Maybe it's just me, but it seems to help a lot.

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