Half a magazine of breaker rockets kills an AA turret

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  1. Half a magazine from the Reaver's breaker rockets will kill an AA turret. If the AA turret and Reaver begin firing at the same time with every shot on both side hitting, the Reaver will win with half health remaining.

    Thus, the most efficient way for a Reaver to kill an AA turret is to just fly directly at it. What part of this is intended gameplay?
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  2. I'm a pilot and I agree its stupid.
  3. I don't think a single, nearly always available to anyone base turret should be able to outright destroy an ESF that is close enough to accurately hit it with rockets. This would result in the air being incredibly dangerous for ESFs since these turrets are all over the place.

    Most bases have more than one turret, and people are allowed to pull homing missiles and burster maxes. A single AA turret or unit of any kind should not deny aircraft.

    Simply put, nothing in this game should be balanced on a 1v1 scenario.
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  4. The problem with base AA turrets is that they are too flimsy considering their low effective damage at all but extremely close range. By the time an ESF is in kill range, they can already have outright killed it.

    I would prefer it if base turrets were tough to kill but dealt less damage than equivalent vehicles. The idea being that they become low-priority targets instead of free kills for rocketpods.
  5. Base turrets should be something that requires ground troops to clear out or something to avoid until that happens.

    Fighting other targets in range of a turret should be risky, but doable with the right amount of dodging and high transversal speeds. It shouldn't be safe however to hover / fly head-on at a firing turret and unload rockets knowing it will die before it can blow up your ESF.
  6. Slow down the fire rate of the rockets... that is all :)
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  7. Yes I'm a pilot and biased BUT without sounding biased I dont see an issue with any turret that is FREE to use and EASY to repair with no CD anywhere and can be used by anyone without any cert investment beat a tank or aircfrat 1 on 1. A ground turret 1 on 1 with a tank loses too but I don't see people complaining about that either.

    Sorry but turrets are free, numerous and easy to use so no AV or AA turret should be able to easily win 1 on 1 vs its intended target. I would personally like to see a new cert class option for base operations and in there things like turret specialist, giving you optiocs, +dmg options in your turret. Then when you spend over 5000 certs in a turret and go up against an ESF or tank that spent 5000 certs and have a CD on how often you can use it, then you can expect a fair fight, not before!
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  8. D0n

    No, it does not.

    You shot 10 missiles, if anything, nerf your scythe.
  9. ESF are so numerous that they might as well be free, so the cost argument holds no value.
    It is a ridiculous idea that the ESF should be able to successfully duel their counters.

    Tanks are well equipped for dealing with turrets, lets try a bit more combined arms and a bit less flight sim.
  10. So to say something that has a 5-15 minute cooldown with 180-200 resouce cost and I could have spent anything between 1-5000+ certs in and requires some learning and practice to become good at should have NO chance against someone who just stepped into the game and popped into a turret with no resource,cert or time cost.... sorry but the fact you disregard all of that shows you are not constructive in your arugment in any way and you have devalued the nerf Air Power discussion by simply brushing off valid points just because you dont agree.

    I for one am open to change and thats why i have posted an answer to this and I am willing to change my opinions if given valid reason that I may not have considered, you should be too if you seriously want positive change.
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  11. Does their damage actually deteriorate at range? I find that if I lead properly they can hit consistently pretty far away - although it's better to wait until they're closer if you actually mean to kill, or they'll run off.
  12. You mean like yesterday were I spent 10 minutes driving my Vanguard to the front-line, just to take a rocket salvo in the back from a Scythe and go "poof" in a second?

    Yes, that is what I mean. Because that is how it is for everything else in this game.
  13. I've had a reaver unload his rockets directly into my stationary non-upgraded lightning and it still had half its hitpoints. How is it you lost a Vanguard to 'a rocket salvo'?
  14. Why have an AA turret then in the first place, if it cannot do what is designed for? It's stationary AAA, it can only shoot air and, as name suggest, it's STATIONARY.

    I'm happy they buffed the AT turrets (somewhat, can survive 1v1 fight against an MBT only if you own Amp station) but the AA is still useless.
  15. And your reply just goes to show you have no interest in true balance, you just got destroyed an ESF that has spent certs in becoming a tank killer and you got caught from behind (where tanks are suppose to be weak) and you go killed, so now you on joining the crusade of getting Air nerfed without a single thought to it. Sorry but your stance is non constructive and too biased.

    Please appreciate that its this kind of nerf batting calls that got AA nerfed so you will do it this way and find things go in your favour but then the cycle will repeat itself until people finally start to think about the problem and a real way around it.

    And by the way you deserved to be intantly killed with 1 salvo if you got taken from behind regardless.
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  16. Direct hits I am unsure of, but think not. However the damage from flak explosions drops with range.
    Also, the turrets seem to have less drop (which was easy to adjust to before), but a much bigger spread (which is not) than they used to.

    The problem with the old system was, for example, the TR could kill any aircraft around the VS warpgate on Indar by using the turrets at Indar bay point tower if they capped it. The range nerf was probably needed.

    However, they fact that you cannot aim down and the ease of destruction were there to try and balance the incredible effectiveness of these turrets. These need looking at again.
  17. See my point about introducing a cert tree for a base specialist. When people spend certs and time invested into something I am happy for it to be powerful then. But if its free, no CD, then no it should be limited. The turrets in Planetside 1 were far weaker than these ones, people forget that!
  18. Yes, because I have much chance of outmanoeuvring or outrunning an ESF in a MBT, right?

    And your ESF deserves to be annihilated if flies close to fixed AA installations, because that, on the other hand, is completely avoidable.
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  19. Look how many of those turrets spawn for free all over the place. That is why. If all of them were that powerful (and can be reconstructed for free in just a few minutes by a single engineer) base defence would be ridiculous. This game would get very boring very fast if land did not change hands quite frequently, and that is not something anyone should want to encourage.

    It could be done if the number of turrets were reduced, but this would not necessarily benefit the defenders. You would need fewer crew for the turrets, but at the same time, they could target fewer things at once, and enemies would have more incentive to just burn them down quickly and be done with it.

    So far the only suggestion here that makes any sense is lowering their damage and upping their armour, but that only helps if you really want your turret to survive but don't desire to be able to kill much of anything.
  20. Actually you do, most tanks I kill quick drive straight. Turn left or right the instant you are hit. It takes 3 seconds to unload and just 1 miss means you survive. Even all rockets hitting you will survive using a shield.

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