Half a magazine of breaker rockets kills an AA turret

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  1. I think its perfectly fine for base defense. I was popping magriders (swarm of the buggers) with that same turret for a good 20 minutes defending. One shot/one kill weapons are not all that fun.
  2. The insanity in this thread.....

    A fighter should NEVER be able to stand toe to toe with an AA turrets. Because as mentioned they are stationary, and their range is fairly low. Being able to hover infront of a AA turret and killing it, should not be possible on your own.

    Valkar you might say you aren't biased, but your comments ooze bias, more then most pilots on this forum....

    if I put 2000 certs in my prowler should I be able to blow your 1000 certs reaver/scythe/mossie outta the sky, consistently?
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  3. Hitting air with AV weapons should be a luckshot or complete idiocy from the pilot. The fact they -can- take the AV shell at 50% is what makes ESF pilots taunt you by hover-strafing and doing pew pew like idiots.

    Don't compare MBTs to ESFs, wrong category of vehicle.
  4. Likewise lightning HEAT kills and critical assists at least as many aircraft as the skyguard.
  5. 1. A turret takes time to repair

    2. A turret is a static brick

    3. AT turrets are utter crap

    4. Implying resource costs matter at all
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  6. Yup, it makes no sense. Base defense turrets need to get a BIG buff. Like 2x stronger.
  7. Sure go for it and buff the tank and AI ones too. Then lets see how those peopl who spent SC (real money in some cases) on weapons feel about being ripped up by something thats free to use. Its not pay to win but its still a business so if they get in the habbit of making all the free stuff immediatley available more powerful than the cert gained o purchased equipment they will fast run out of customers and you will be sitting in that turret on empty servers within 2 months.

    Think about it logically your asking that AA turrets (where some bases have around 30 of them in range) should be insanely powerful 1 on 1 against ESFs and it should require 2-1 odds for the ESF to take them down. Good luck finding 40-60 ESF to weaken that bse. Wait tanks you say? How are they going to even get close to that base with friendly Air freely spamming the attacking force with now air to contend with... see the knock on effect this has? Fine kill the attacking ESF but then watch the defending fighters rip up the attacking ground forces. Its like an eco system, take ou one predator and you might find yourself swamped with critters.
  8. You make it sound like a base could finally be defensible against zergs...

  9. Which is what they dont want :) it would slow the game down again and they said they want this to remain fluid and moving. Love the pic!
  10. Valkar, all I want is the defending side to have a chance. Better/stronger turrets would give them an advantage and improve the gameplay. Defending is just a ***** and it should be harder to cap something than to defend it.... like is has always been in history and it always will be and has to be.
  11. Mate I agree, I wish we had large indoor environments where a small number of organised defenders can hold off huge armies like the old days. I want to see battles for a base rage on for hours not minutes! Sadly the Devs see it another way, plus making turrets the killers they used to be only makes vehicle combat pointless for large scale offensives due to the tiny maps we have compared to Planetside 1.

    Much of the genuis of Planetside 1 was lost in this new design, the endless square continents (is this the world where Spongebob actually comes from?) the vehicle spam, rock and tank! Large open expanses of land between bases, now they are like siamese bases, the lattice system, sancs... so much was mainstreamed and it diluted the quality and depth of the game.
  12. No, it would make base defence actually viable and attacking a challenge. If you want your quick fix of "I win" there are other games you should consider.
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  13. Defending a base is viable. You just can't rely entirely on freely spawned turrets. When the enemy sends a force to attack your base, you may - as shocking as it sounds - need to send a force of your own to defend it.

    Incidentally, when you're the one who wants better free stuff to fend off invaders, even though you can already fight back with other conventional forces and have the protection of shields that need disabling before the enemy can stop you from immediately respawning and actually take your base, you might want to reconsider who wants a quick fix of 'I win'. Right now, even if not many choose to utilize it, defenders do have the advantage.
  14. I think that if AA specific units get buffed, no one would care about AA turrets as they are. ATM AA in all forms other than the Hvy Infantry Lock missiles are a joke which just makes issues like these see the light of day.
  15. air needs dps nerf, but keep or buff survivability

  16. Except that it is insanely easy to snipe turrets at long ranges with breaker pods.

    IMO the damage that flak does against non composite armored ESF is about where it should be with full composite. Enough to still be dangerous at close range...
  17. "Base turrets are free therefore ESFs should be P2W cause SOE needs money" is just a weak argument. AA base turrets are designed to be hard counters to light aircraft, but right now they are nowhere near that. An ESF right now can easily solo any base asset in ~1.5 seconds flat or just fly around the base at will completely ignoring it.

    The notion of having to spec into base turrets sounds interesting, but it could get complicated and make things even harder to balance. I think the better solution would be to simply balance the rocket pods. Liberators are balanced. Tanks not named Magriders are fairly balanced (though that Prowler could use some love). But, rocket pods are currently an I Win spamfest. They are highly effective against tanks, sunderers, enemy G2A, base assets, liberators, galaxys, and infantry all while requiring a very low skill cap. They are even moderately successful against enemy ESFs (though at least require a decent pilot). Its turned into something I sincerely doubt the developers initially intended them to be.
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  18. You honestly think you are the only thing AA is dealing with? Hate to break it to you, but the skies are full, and when someone mans an AA turret, it's open season on that turret from every type of player except maybe medic.

    While in a plane we are vulnerable to HA lock ons, other aircraft, bursters, skyguards and stationary AA turrets. All of which you can turn and outrun at the first sign of danger, leaving you free to re-engage almost immediately from a better angle.
    Meanwhile, the stationary AA turret is vulnerable to Lightnings, MBTs, HAs, Sunderers, Maxes, Infiltration hacks, C4, Rocket pods, Liberators and even AV turrets in some cases, and are worth easy experience for destroying even when not manned, meaning they are the first things killed during every attack. As an engineer, to keep an AA turret operational during a base attack is an exercise in futility, and manning one is almost guaranteed death as everyone looks at you and sees 200 free exp points for just one rocket pod clip or two MBT shots. I had a good laugh at a previous poster who mentioned getting out of a damaged turret and fixing it, as I imagine many engineers did. Apparently splash damage and snipers don't exist in his world. The AA turrets, for these reasons, are useless in base defense against an attack of more than a squad, and are not doing the job for which they are included in the game.

    My solution to our problem is to beef up turret defense, but keep the offensive punch similar to what it is now, and maybe improve the accuracy a slight touch. I fully endorsed the range nerf from beta. Give the turrets about 3X their current HP to provide some bulk. Maybe this will keep the AA turrets from being the total joke they are now. Seriously, have you ever died from a base AA turret when you were paying attention? I know I haven't, and that's a problem, because I'm a below average ESF pilot.
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  19. AA is for scaring away fighters and to kill stupid ones.

    To destroy the enemy's airforce, you need to look at your own pilots. Is your tank colum getting strafed to death? Blaim your pilots for not covering you. Not the enemy for killing you.

    AA --> Temporary solution, keep them away
    Other fighter ---> Kill them

    System works perfectly this way. When there are 2 Scythes actively defending an area, I cannot go strafe infantry or tanks, since i'd be dead in seconds.
    But, if there is no Air, Yes I have alot easier task.
    So, if you're getting ****** by rocketpods. Look at your pilots and ask them what the **** they are doing.
  20. Valkar, you need to learn English. "Anti-Air" is about as clear as it gets: It kills aircraft.

    Stop crying and protecting your OP weapon, or keep crying and protecting it..

    Either way, it will be nerfed. Rocket pods/Breaker Rockets/Photon Pods are far and beyond the single most OP item/weapon/upgrade available in this game in any way. There's simply no arguing it without looking like an idiot. Want to fly? Then learn to fly, hovering in front of an AA turret isn't flying and doesn't require any piloting skill whatsoever. Making fast passes on said AA before it can nail you, that requires a moderate amount of skill: But skill not that much. Learn to do the latter, and cry more won't you?
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