Half a magazine of breaker rockets kills an AA turret

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  1. The problem with this is that AA currently is NOT underpowered. Its pretty well balanced with air. Any semblance of imbalance is usually due to AirCavs.

    You're arguing about the strength of one specific, free-cost AA platform without putting it in context with an actual battle.

    Any 1v1 battle is irrelevant in this game and absolutely zero balancing should be done with that in mind. All aspects must be considered since 1v1 is a rarity when you have hundreds fighting over a single base.

    Besides, a turret can kill an ESF, its entirely situational. Much ado about nothing ITT.
  2. Spawn as a HA and stand next to a turret. Fire all your rockets into the sky or wherever. Get in the turret and fire until it overheats. You'll notice it doesn't have to go through the rocket launcher's reload animation before getting off another shot. Plus it has more health. Plus you could very well just have used it until it was as good as dead, got out, and fired rockets.

    The AA turret is not inaccurate vs aircraft. The shells only have to pass it by, not hit it. If you're having issues with that in base-defence range, I'm not sure the turret is at fault here. It's also not much alike to a missile launcher: it cannot simply be evaded or flared, the only defence against it is mitigation, so yes anyone who intends to stick around there will need to kill it. Infantry render distance is not a balance issue with AA turrets and should be treated as its own issue, and why are you overheating it in the first place? Use some self control and let it cool down, no wonder you get lousy damage out of it.

    The anti-infantry turret I can agree is useless, but it's so uncommon I tend to forget it exists. MANA turrets don't even compare to the more common cannon or flak turrets however, and quite frankly the only reason to use one is for the shield as simply using a HA gives you better damage against infantry and armour.

    The people I've killed with them probably didn't feel they were an easy +100 xp or irrelevant. Or maybe they did, and that's why I killed them, who knows...
  3. @
    I agree Turrets are fine against ESF... it's just how strong ESF RP's are against turrets that's the problem.... I took one out head on easy... should not be possible... More oft however is there are multiple air targets, and I creep up close enough to line up my RPs (not hard since you ain't movin', don't need to get that close) and you're toast before you even know I'm there.
  4. Rockets should fire slower and spread out over distance and maybe have a little bit of wobble to prevent a lone fighter from being more effective than a bomber with a 105mm cannon mounted in its butt.
  5. Unfortunately its way too situational as in very rare. I think the thing would be fine if they just made its firing pattern match that of a MAX's dual-burster, but right now the AA-turret fires in some erratic four corners pattern where the bullets tend to go around the target. Its a spray and pray piece of junk.
  6. Stationary turrets are designed to be hardened emplacements that protect a location from air or ground aggressors. Currently these turrets cannot perform their prescribed duties.

    Regardless of how many certification points Valkar or other ESF pilots have put into their vehicles, turrets are stock, cannot be upgraded, and only the skill of the operator will vary. If an ESF can hover 100 m from an AA turret and trade blow-for-blow, get a kill, and fly off with approximately 1/2 his health, both items require re-working.

    Compared to planes (and even tanks) a turret should be thoroughly stout. With a level 4 repair tool it takes roughly 30 seconds for the 2 1/2 repair cycles to fully restore a destroyed turret. Such a repair should not be able to be completely undone in less than 3 seconds from a single fighter as is currently the case.

    Being fixed in place and unable to move out of the way of even the ridiculously slow anti-tank munitions, turrets should have hit points and armor values increased to be in-line with their long repair time.

    Turret weapons should be adjusted such that they are able to effectively dispatch those vehicles in which they are designed to counter within a small area of influence. They would as-always remain extremely vulnerable to flanking infantry and the like.

    Many people have already stated that experience should be granted based on damage done to vehicles, not only for kills. Shooting a Mosquito to 5% HP and then having him flee has provided your team with a contribution worth more than the zero experience return you receive.
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  7. The most efficient way to kill a Liberator is also to just hang out directly in his tailguns arc and just keep shooting until it blows up since it's the exact same story.

    There is a reason why people say that ESFs are overpowered, and it's these kinds of things where the defensive weapons don't win when they do everything right and the attacker does everything wrong.
  8. The problem is the number of AA turrets.

    There are simply too many of them. The devs calcualted that if they are all manned, they would deprive airspace above any base. This is true, however they did not think about this:
    If a turret is too weak to stand up to an air unit one on one, random gunners will only experience this. They will remember how the turrets are not effective enough and they will not try to man them again.

    The solution would be to lower their number, but greatly increase their effectivenes.
  9. you folks be crazy. in any kind of even battle turrets wreck. you can knock em out, but they'll come back unless you totally suppress the defense. tanks blow up... fighters withdraw.... TURRETS LIVE AGAIN.
  10. ESFs can 1-salvo-kill MBT's if their approach is on the rear of the tank. Not top, but rear.
  11. I think this "They should be worse because they are free" argument is silly - They have a cost and that cost is their cooldown, exactly like a Max. They may not cost resources, but all resources are is another form of cooldown since you can cert out of the timer-based one. Destroy a turret, it has to be repaired - that is your cooldown. However, unlike a Max or a tank or an ESF, a turret can be kept on permanent cooldown by just preventing the repair.
  12. It takes what... 2 minutes with an un-upgraded repair gun? Still less than anything else. And you can prevent people from buying vehicles/MAX in a given base too.
  13. First of all, a turret is stationary. Second of all, time is not the only factor. Your vehicle cooldown and resource count still tick away while you're doing other things. A turret takes that much time dedicated directly to repairs, which requires the engineer to stand directly next to the turret, often in plain sight - extremely vulnerable not only to vehicles, but also to infantry.
  14. The turret stub never goes away. Just sit right behind it, and as far as vehicles can tell you're probably too far back from the edge to see, or simply haven't rendered. Yes, you'll still be vulnerable to infantry... from behind... in your base. Sadly for you, your turret is screwed should they decide to attack you from behind anyway.
  15. As a reaver pilot, i find this to be completely ridiculous, I should NOT be able to kill an Anti-air turret by myself in one burst of a rocket pod. I find it dumb I can destroy any of my counters (Excluding max's) in one burst of a rocket pod.

    "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"
    Should come into play with an AA turret. A good burst from a reaver should be able to take a turret down to 40-60% health, and during the first burst of damage, the aa turret should by now have a few good shots on the pilot, enough to damage it to either discourage the pilot from returning, or to kill them on the second run.

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