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  1. Hey guys and girls, I've created a basic guide (video) for those that want to know a little bit more about the Harasser and its capabilities. Let me know what you think.

    Hope the information helps you in the field of battle. Good luck!
  2. Drive-by C4ing... I think this is going to be my new favorite thing to do in the game. I kinda wanted to cert out an AI Lightning as a way to sink my mech resources, but... Drive-by C4! :D
  3. Drive by C4ing is definitely cool :)
  4. Has anyone used a burster max to take out an ESF or Lib from the back of a Harasser?
  5. Several times. Those dual burster maxes are handy friends to have back there.

    For a first build, I highly recommend maxing out armor and turbo with either Surger or Scrapper.

    I started out with Surger because I find it works best for offroad and jumping. I have a ton of fun with it because it lets me go anywhere. It's very controllable during turbo sprints, and almost no hill is too steep for me

    Scrapper is definitely the fighter's chassis. Helps you make those precise turns on the fly. It works brilliantly on my Wraith Flash, too.

    For guns, I like the Halberd with NV and all the reload speed bonus OR Fury with Thermal and full mag capacity.

    The Halberd is best against armor. It demands a skilled gunner and driver team because, to make a ranged shot, the occasional stop is required. This can be dangerous in some situations.

    The Fury, however, is much easier to manage. It's best against infantry, and can be used effectively while in motion.

    I'd place the Bulldog in the middle. More dmg and range than the Fury, but a much slower rof.

    The AA guns and default are too weak, so I wouldn't bother. You need power against AV/AI. Besides, most gunners will stay in your buggy if they can shoot tanks and infantry.

    The harasser is an amazing vehicle once you build it up (and your skills). I love it as much as my Wraith Flash.
  6. I've taken down an ESF with the Halberd if that counts. 3 shots. Pilot has to be pretty bad though - noone sticks around to get hit three times.
  7. Yeah pilots have to be terribad for that to happen lol..still good work.
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  8. Good work with the bursters.

    I love the Harasser, its such a good addition to the game.

    The Fury is very good against Infantry. I also like using the Kobalt a lot - but its useless against vehicles so its a bit of a trade off sometimes. Most of the time I'll run with the Halberd (NV) and coordinate with my driver so that I can take out infantry and vehicles more easily. ITS SO SATISFYING taking out a Heavy with the Halberd from range LOL.
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  9. Ya, an upgraded Halberd-Harasser can murder a Magrider. I outmaneuver those sobs all the time. Feels damn good for an NC to do that. Our poor vanguards get slam-danced all the time by those things.
  10. A decent guide. Miss a few points, IMHO.

    A. L2Handbrake. Handbrake you ask? Yes, it's default spacebar. But why? It can, with practice, allow you to "drift" your vehicle and circle strafe much easier and effectively. This will work against most vehicles. A Rival 3 AV Magrider with a good pilot and gunner is going to own you still, though (more on that at the end). Flat ground on Indar or Esemir will be what you need for this trick, Amerish and other hilly spots? Yeah, just use the terrain...

    B. Your chassis choice is certainly what YOU want to do. But don't gloss over Racer. Yes, you WILL flip over more easily, but the sheer speed of it is worth it in a lot of situations, IMO.

    C. While I can't disagree with your choice of a Bulldog, I would prefer to see a Fury there (at least til it's nerfed). It's probably the easiest to score hits with in a bouncy vehicle, and is a decent dual role AV/AI weapon. The Halberd is a good weapon all around, but certainly weaker in AI simply as it's hard to hit with while moving and you gotta land em close for a kill. Still the best choice for AV, obviously.

    D. Just as a point for the newbies: Driving in straight lines will get you killed. I dropped 3 Harasser in a row tonight (literally, was like they lined up to feed me, one after the other) with my HEAT Lightning, all with Halberd (they shoulda killed me, by all rights). They just drove right at me, then right past me...I enjoyed the 2/3, 2/3, 3/3 Xp!

    Back on about Magriders:

    Will agree if you are killing 1/2 un-upgraded randoms. Again, a Rival 3 can rotate/strafe faster than you can turn at anything but EXTREMELY close range. There are some things you can do...but I'll let you figure that out. Will say, as per always with Maggie, get up close and personal to her if you want to score.

    Quick edit about the rumbleseat: Remember, that passenger CAN be hit buy rockets, tank guns, AV turrets, Snipers, etc, etc....try not to expose your poor Engie too much!

  11. You've raised some good points - handbrake is self explanatory - can be useful for drifting though you want to be careful not to flip the Harasser.

    Racer is good - its great for high speed but I honesty think that the Combat Chassis is best all-round - flip your harasser and its gone, plus you can easily chuck in the NFI turbo to get you out of heated situations.

    Bulldog is ok - Fury is best. There's a follow up video where I talk about the Empire specific weapons and I also take a look at the Fury specifically - its definitely the best option atm. The Fury 1 shots infantry and it does a decent amount of damage against vehicles. Its the easiest of all the guns to land rounds, especially at high speed which is what the harasser does best.

    Thanks for your feedback :)
  12. I don't know if you tried it, but another tactic, as an AV harraser is, to put a Fracture max in the back. He will both act as a shield, soaking up some fire. And depending on the situation, you can quickly "insert" him near cover close to your target, allowing you to still have your gunner switch to repairs if you take damage.

    In our outfit, we ussually don't need to drop the max, and especially not if its a big fight, but if the harraser takes sufficient damage to NEED repairs badly, we have the max jump out, and repair. Worst that can happen is your max needs to be pulled again. but infact often it is possible for him to survive untill you are repaired, at which point you should hurry to pick him backup, and do a proper getaway. =)

    We had some decent success with this setup, and well sunderers.... omnom nom nom.
  13. Yeah nice...I usually have the driver as an engineer, the gunner as a light assault (C4 equipped) and either a burster max or assault max depending on the situation - we run around and get the max to drop out and distract whilst the light assault sneaks up from behind and places the C4 'strategically' - LET'S JUST SAY IT MAKES FOR A GREAT PARTY. If the Harasser is sustaining heavy damage the driver bails by popping the NFI Turbo and finds a safe place to repair and then meets up with the team. Its such a fun combo.
  14. I personally think the haraser should be nerfed a bit. they are very fast deal a huge amount of damage and can repair while on the run. The problem I have with harasser is that the coordinated harraser can easaly kill me and gunner in a magrider. If you manage to hurt them a lot they run away and gunner switches to 3 seat and repair. You cant kill them easly that way because there fast as hell and repair on the run. I said above a bit and I am pointing at the 3rd seat repair bit. let it be a bot harder to repair the vehicle on the run. the amount of armour and firepower of the haraser is fine by me but I think thats the only thing that should be tweaked a little.
  15. There are probably 100+ threads created since this one you could have posted in.

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