Higby says we're getting some love.

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Tork, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Any word on what kind of "love" Light Assault will be getting? As quoted by Higby on twitter...
  2. a dick in the ***? :D
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  3. Honestly Light Assault needs a second ability. Every other class has two class defining abilities.

    Heavy Assault: Rockets + Shields
    Medic: Medic tool + Heal Aura/Revive Grenades
    Engineer: Turret + Repair Tool + Ammo
    Max: massive armor + dual wielding guns.
    Infiltrator: Cloak + Hacking
    Light Assault: Jet Pack

    In early beta we had ammo kits and I understand why they gave it to engineers but as it stands now Light Assault really feels like half a class. Less than that if you don't have C4 unlocked. (Not that the jet pack isn't awesome.)
  4. I want a portable elevator pad, one that I could throw down at the base of a wall and let my squad ride up. We need a support role and getting to high places is sorta our thing anyway.

    Like the Telekinesis spell in Darkfall.
  5. give us Passive C4 and gimme back my 700 certs.
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  6. I always wanted to see the LA get some tools that would play up his ability as a forward scout. Something that would add to his ability as a teammate as opposed to being a very lone-wolf class currently. Maybe some sort of advanced spotting or even helping other classes reach higher points once he jets up like a rope. Just a thought :)
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  7. Lol x2. I dunno how I'm ever going to save for the second c4 when I want to upgrade my Magrider and Scythe, not too mention all the other LA class and weapon certs.
  8. I think LA should be immune to Q. at least for me, my survival largely depends if I can sneak around.
    Jump in, kill someone, run around a corner, jump pack up and over, then get shot by the guy that was following my icon.
  9. Where is this quote? I can't seem to find it on his twitter.
  10. I'm already in love with the light assault with just the jet pack. I hope this doesn't turn the LA into the FOTM making LA zergs heh.
  11. Not sure what kind of love he could possibly mean. I mean hell you guys can fricken fly!o_O
  12. we got a class ability. We die instantly when some1 stares at us :eek: :mad:
  13. Double D's for female characters, I called it!
  14. Yea I'd love if we got a bit more survivability. When even a medic can hand you your *** in a strait 1 on 1 firefight at close range (especially if you aren't using a shotgun), you know something is off.

    A second ability would be killer though. Perhaps first C4 for free, that'd be awesome but it would have to come with a cert refund. After all, afaik LA is the only class in the game that has to spend 700 certs to be considered 'complete'. It'd be like a HA not starting with a rocket launcher heh.
  15. Give the LA the infiltrator's radar gun and buff it's duration and range. If I'm going to jet above the enemy and behind enemy lines, I might as well be able to drop radar for my buddies coming around the corner
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  16. So no one has been able to locate this mysterious tweet which I somehow can't find?
  17. Does "sprint really fast" count? :p.
  18. it stil feels like the pump is not working and without it you sprint just as fast as everyone.
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  19. im sure it will be that all LA get a rope that you can tie to maxes. just imagine 6 LA rising over a wall with one max hanging under them.
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  20. Go figure. So it's a placebo then? You're going " Wooooohoooooo sooooo faaaast!!!!!" while not noticing the engineer keeping up with you.
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