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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Tork, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Ya this more or less.
  2. maby it doesent boost your speed to the expected level because it may cause warping issues?
  3. The only love given needs to be the sprint speed being 33% faster than other classes when using adrenaline pump.
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  4. Set your FoV to max and youll notice the difference.
  5. That sounds like something the engineer would rather be doing - hence their title.

    Personally I'd like to see the "radar gun" be moved from the infiltrator to the Light Assault. They're the recon class, not the infiltrators afterall. I don't know if the radar darts stick to vehicles, but it would be an obvious idea to allow LAs to tag enemy vehicles with radar darts that have a range just like ones hitting the ground.

    I'd give them the ability to pierce all non spawn shields as well to be able to function properly as a sabotage unit alongside the infiltrator - or temporarily disable the shields using sticky grenades of some kind (EMP)
  6. I think passive C4 is the easiest solution. They should start with a brick the way the engineer starts with the ammo kit.
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  7. I wouldn't mind getting access to the Eidolon Battle Rifle.
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  8. Could someone please link to the post that is being referenced in the OP?
  9. Would make sense to discuss something we had at least some kind of proof for. xD
  10. And make snipers pretty much useless.
  11. Light assault should drop gens faster. Then outfits would start requiring one or two of them as part of their attack groups.
  12. Droping Gens is somewhat the Job of an Infiltrator in my opinion and it is not a support mechanic that makes an LA worth of a team. Especially if it comes about battles that have no gens at all...

    The only thing I separate myself from the outfit I am playing with is that I am a mobile, deadly carbine carrier. But getting more kills than others is nothing that makes you a valuable part of the team just because I was faster than them.
  13. Magnetism + stronger jumpjets. I want to be able to clime on top of a galaxy like in the trailer. Then C4 the bottom and laugh maniacally when everyone gets out.
  14. Just give me everything this one can do in the trailer.. and Icarus jump jets an im good. I wont even ***** about NC sniper rifles or anything anymore...

    C4 strong enough to blow up Galaxies.. hell if you can even get balls deep enough to get a C4 on any Aircraft.. it should be a 1 shot kill regardless of armor.. i mean how often does that even happen? An the ability to stick to air/land vehicular nonsense with magnetic grip on my shoes like spiderman..... Nough said.
  15. Wait, are NC rifles UP or OP? I don't play infiltrator as sniper, but as SPAI.
  16. Innate C4 seems simple without being ridic. Infiltrator dart scouting thing would be cool too. Not sure what else would be ok without making LA kinda nuts.
  17. I just wanted to clarify for everyone that the sprint boost speed DOES work. My friend and I both play LA and I bought the upgrade and equipped it(You have to EQUIP IT) and ran side by side with me giving him a head start. I caught up to him and then passed him fairly easily. It seemed like I was 10% faster.
  18. I stand by my idea of magnetism, if a LA touches a vehicle, they stick to it until they jump, meaning you can land on tanks and not only NOT get run over, but plant C4 with precision. Also, being able to climb on top of aircraft like in the trailer. Maybe put it on a timer, so you have 6 seconds before you fall off.
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  19. I like that idea, except I think it should be teleporter. This way we need the light assault to go plant both sides. Range should be limited (100m?) and pads should be destructible.

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